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Corporate Social Responsibility

We aim for the greater good all day, every day. Our commitment to social responsibility is fueled by our people, our practices and all that we do – what we call the Hitachi Spirit.

We See a Brighter Future

Mother Earth can't wait. That's why we build sustainability into our business and manufacturing practice. We conserve resources and minimize our carbon footprint. And we’ve got a long-term initiative to reduce our environmental impact for a more eco-friendly future.

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Standing Up for Justice

Our company values of harmony, sincerity and pioneering spirit are more than just words. They are a promise that each of us will value the voices, thoughts and contributions of those around us. Read more in a letter from our CEO.


We Stay Connected by Doing Good

We contribute our time, ideas and resources to communities today to make a difference for tomorrow’s generations. We take on local and global challenges through our diverse programs around the world. We help make lives better through Social Innovation solutions, charitable efforts and volunteering.

Our Diversity Makes Us Stronger

Our suppliers are a crucial part of how we support our markets and customers. We remain committed to creating opportunities for a diverse range of suppliers and building strong, lasting relationships with them.


We Live by Our Ethics

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and ethics, from our employees to the way we conduct business.

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