Press Release

October 17, 2018

Argent Energy taps Hitachi Consulting to help modernise processes and drive growth using Oracle Cloud ERP Solution

London – Oct. 17, 2018 –Hitachi Consulting Corporation, a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), is helping Argent Energy, the UK’s foremost sustainable biodiesel producer and fuel supplier, to modernise and automate processes using Oracle SaaS platform and help deliver a growth platform for the innovative green bio-diesel producer.

Argent Energy specialises in producing clean, green fuel from waste by-products of other industries including tallow; used cooking oil, fats oils and grease; sewer grease; and high free fatty acid waste oils – all which have few alternative uses. By producing environmentally conscious fuel, Argent Energy’s aim is to contribute to the global battle against climate change and help the UK maximise the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

As Argent Energy’s business continued to grow, it became clear that they required more integrated, standardised and automated processes across their business operations to improve efficiency, increase visibility and provide a sustainable platform for continued growth.

After a thorough, competitive selection process to identify the preferred ERP solution, Argent Energy selected Hitachi Consulting to implement Oracle’s Cloud SaaS System. The solution will cover finance, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and sales, offering Argent a complete, data-driven and secure solution all delivered via the cloud.

Hitachi Consulting and Argent Energy agreed to focus on the principle of delivering standard ‘out of the box’ functionality, leveraging Oracle’s modern best practices to simplify implementation and help optimise the solution ROI.

Owen Dowden, Business Development Director, Hitachi Consulting, says, “During the selection process it became clear to Argent that Oracle Cloud offered a strong fit for its requirements. By focusing on the use of ‘out of the box’ functionality Argent can keep things simple, but at the same time the depth and breadth of Oracle’s functionality can adapt with Argent as the business matures and expands, to help futureproof the investment.”

Hazel Matthews, Business Process Director for Argent Energy, says, “We see the Oracle Cloud ERP solution as a key enabler to optimise our back-office operations, in particular our supply chain, and provide a solid platform to support our growth ambitions. This will allow us to better service our customers, improve our working practices, install best practice and bring about greater operational efficiencies.”

Manish Popli, Vice President and executive sponsor of the project for Hitachi Consulting in EMEA says, “We are delighted to work alongside Argent Energy and help deliver on their ambitious growth vision. It has been a pleasure to work with people within Argent as they embody the true mind-set and spirit of adopting cloud-based processes and technologies. Hitachi Consulting is proud to help facilitate Argent Energy’s success and we will work tirelessly to deliver an exhaustive and business wide capability on a timeline that aims to set a new benchmark in the industry.”

About Hitachi Consulting Corporation
Hitachi Consulting is the digital solutions and professional services organization within Hitachi Ltd., a global technology and social innovation leader. Hitachi Consulting is a catalyst for positive business change, propelling organizations to drive disruptive innovation and to accelerate digital transformation. We help organizations leverage data as a strategic asset to innovate faster, develop new revenue streams, and respond to global dynamics with insight and agility. We collaborate with clients to create solutions that help maximize operational efficiency and deliver measurable, sustainable business results. Visit us at

Argent Energy
Established in 2001 and acquired by John Swire & Sons (Green Investments) Ltd in 2013, Argent Energy is a privately-owned company with operations in Scotland and North West England. The company has also recently acquired a site in the Netherlands.

By producing environmental fuel, the company’s aim is to continue contributing to the global battle against climate change and help to maximize the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

Argent Energy specializes in the supply of high grade, sustainable diesel for fleet operators, delivering to over 100 UK depots throughout the UK.

All the bio-­component of diesel is made in the UK from waste fats and oils. This ensures it is the most sustainable available and excludes any raw materials that could also be used for food or feed. Argent has two manufacturing facilities for waste-­based biodiesel and has a production capacity of 145 million litres per year. Visit Argent Energy at

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