Press Release

April 29, 2019

Oracle Names Hitachi Consulting EMEA as 'Innovation Partner of the Year'

London, England — April 30, 2019 — Oracle (UK) has named the EMEA unit of Hitachi Consulting, a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), its ‘Innovation Partner of the Year’ for its ground-breaking work helping clients create new value from a variety of Oracle technologies.

Hitachi Consulting’s success helping clients deploy innovative blockchain and internet of things (IoT) technology and a combination of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS technologies are among the examples of its innovative approach to delivering business-driven outcomes.

Hitachi Consulting is the only firm collaborating with Oracle to create production monitoring solutions using Oracle IoT applications.

"Oracle’s recognition of our innovation capabilities is a tremendous honor," said Manish Popli, Vice President, Oracle EMEA Practice. "As a Platinum level member of the Oracle Partner Network we are committed to helping clients deploy Oracle solutions to meet their business objectives. Along with the leading capabilities of the Hitachi global brand in operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT), Hitachi Consulting is using its deep Oracle solution experience to help drive clients’ digital transformations."

Hitachi Consulting earlier earned recognition as an Oracle Cloud Elite Partner that supports a variety of Oracle Cloud environments. Hitachi Smart Cloud Accelerators for Oracle are helping clients develop and execute customized cloud adoption roadmaps. In addition, Hitachi Optimized Factory and Hitachi Predictive Maintenance solutions for Oracle are powered by Oracle IoT applications.

About Hitachi Consulting Corporation
Hitachi Consulting is the digital solutions and professional services organization within Hitachi Ltd., a global technology and social innovation leader. Hitachi Consulting is a catalyst for positive business change, propelling organizations to drive disruptive innovation and to accelerate digital transformation. We help organizations leverage data as a strategic asset to innovate faster, develop new revenue streams, and respond to global dynamics with insight and agility. We collaborate with clients to create solutions that help maximize operational efficiency and deliver measurable, sustainable business results. Visit us at

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