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Margarida Madeira

Software Development Engineer Hitachi Design Community Senior lead

Lisbon, Portugal

“Design thinking helps solves genuine problems, but the real impact is what it can do for our customers” 

Margarida leads our Design Community, a space meant to bring our designers and business professionals from around the world and across the Hitachi Group together to co-create solutions, share ideas and lead with the design thinking process.

Being part of the Design Community

facing similar challenges. We wanted to create a space where we could bring everyone together and work as One Hitachi to support each other.

Our goal is to make the community relevant, visible and contribute to solving common or complex issues. We believe that by working together and using the design thinking process we can support our mission of contributing to a better society for all.

We talk to experts in the field, share knowledge, articles, books and what we are doing. Right now, we have 300 members in the community, regularly interacting with each other, helping to breakdown silos, sharing a culture of collaboration and co-creation.

As well as running workshops to support the business, we run a series of podcasts and have experts share their insight.

Get a glimpse of our Design Days   

Design Thinking is a tool for problem-solving

Design thinking is a process of using creative skills to understand users, challenges, and assumptions. It’s a process that helps redefine problems and create innovative solutions. It involves cognitive, strategic, and practical skills that are not linear; it is iterative and centered around the end user. Although common in places, in business we often find ourselves jumping straight into solutioning rather than truly understanding what the real issues are – we often forget about the end user.

Taking the design thinking approach helps us uncover the real problem, but the key is understanding our users, their needs, their habits and who is going to benefit from the solution. We observe, understand and go through an iterative process. It’s logical and organic and helps look at things from a different perspective - a unique, disruptive way of thinking outside of the box.

Why is it so impactful to Hitachi Vantara and our customers?

When we are designing and creating customer centric products, we focus on what the customer needs, what we think they need. By understanding the user in detail, we start to build a solution that will solve a genuine problem. It brings value to our own business through the workshops we run, but the real impact is what it can do for the end users, which eventually benefits our customers.

Life at Hitachi Vantara

Hear from our employees all over the world about the goals they’ve achieved, their career journeys and how life at Hitachi Vantara makes a difference.

Customer Testimonial

One of the most valuable aspects of working at Hitachi is the opportunity to collaborate with other designers from various fields through workshops, meetings, and other channels. The insights and knowledge gained from such interactions have been invaluable, especially for those with a passion for design like me.

Tiago Gomes

Product Designer

Lisbon, Portugal

Customer Testimonial

I am a Brazilian immigrant, I came to Portugal 4 years ago to study and when I finished my college degree, Hitachi Vantara welcomed me with arms wide open.

Mariana Cardial

Product Designer

Porto, Portugal

Customer Testimonial

Hitachi is one of the largest companies in the world, not only on the IT business but also in automotive, construction machinery, rail and other sectors.

Joao Jesus

Senior Consultant, App Engineering

Lisbon, Portugal

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