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Agne Moore

Senior Customer Success Manager

London, United Kingdom

"I take pride in the fact that at Hitachi Vantara, we’re engaging in impactful sustainability projects and are focused on doing good for the planet"

My Career Journey

Prior to joining Hitachi Vantara, I was a scientist at the University of Oxford researching climate change and tropical rainforests. When I decided to open a new career chapter in my life, I joined Hitachi Vantara as a data scientist via a program for scientists wanting a career in the tech industry. Hitachi welcomed me with open arms – I have received great training, mentorship and became part of a team with great spirit and passion for what they do. 

A Day in the Life at Hitachi Vantara

I work as an advisor and have technical conversations with our customers about data and data science. And I continue to be an advocate for rainforest protection – a common goal for me and Hitachi Vantara. One noteworthy project is a collaboration between the non-profit Rainforest Connection and Hitachi Vantara - they developed forest listening devices that record the forest’s sound. Then, Hitachi uses artificial intelligence to process this sound data to understand what is happening in the forest. Using AI and these forest listening devices, it is possible to reduce illegal deforestations by over 30% worldwide. And this is huge in protecting the forests and animals living in them, as well as reducing climate change. I take pride in the fact that at Hitachi Vantara, we’re engaging in impactful sustainability projects and are focused on doing good for the planet.

What advice would you give someone who is considering a career at Hitachi Vantara?

Hitachi Vantara is a great place to work, full of opportunities and open-minded people. 

Life at Hitachi Vantara

Hear from our employees all over the world about the goals they’ve achieved, their career journeys and how life at Hitachi Vantara makes a difference.

Customer Testimonial

An inclusive culture has always been intrinsic to Hitachi, which fosters self-authenticity. And I just love working in the team I am in.

Bridie Arumugam

Client Partner, Sales FSI

London, United Kingdom

Customer Testimonial

I stay at Hitachi Vantara for the same reasons I joined ten years ago – talented people; great team spirit; variety; a focus on doing good for society as well as our clients; and continued opportunities to grow and develop as an individual.

Claire Thomas

Chief Diversity Inclusion Officer

London, United Kingdom

Customer Testimonial

The most interesting part of the job is that I can help solve the clients' problems and make real impacts.

Yue Wang

Senior Consultant

London, United Kingdom

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