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Jeb Horton

Senior Vice President, Global Services

San Francisco, United States

Daring to Lead Differently

Part one of a two-part profile, read part two here.

Meet Jeb Horton, Senior Vice President, Global Services 

  • A seasoned leader with an inclusive approach
  • A music lover and a native of California
  • A believer in not letting obstacles define your future

When I started my career, leadership was top down. I looked at leaders as the ones who knew everything. Immaculately dressed, they had this degree of sophistication and the air of having knowledge way beyond what was their domain of expertise. I learned quickly that this wasn’t’ the case. They didn’t know everything. 

Redefining Leadership

As I began my leadership journey, I’ve realized that there are many nuances in that role in any organization. Business is complex. Top-down leadership isn’t always the right way. People need meaningful direction — they need context and most importantly they need frequent communication. A good leader is someone who maintains dialogue, who takes information and distills it to provide direction. I’ve found over my career that many things that I thought were true, aren’t. 

A Wider Perspective

People can often be parked as this or that and then that opinion can stay for a long time. I’m very intentional about making sure everyone listens to what they are saying. I think it's important to really embrace what everybody can contribute to create an environment where they're willing to share. I believe in seeing different viewpoints. We are greater together than we are individually. As a leader, you must be willing to recognize and embrace that. 

Like Growing a Sequoia

Back when I was at Deloitte, we hired 5 graduates from Cornell. I made sure they all had meaningful work and had to support to succeed right out of the gate. I was awarded the sequoia award. The sequoia tree is a big tree in California that has lots of little roots. Those people now are incredibly successful, running private equity firms and businesses of their own.

I believe in being a champion for others. It’s something I’m passionate about and I’ve been lucky to be a part of many employees’ development. Over the past 20 years, my greatest honor has been empowering people to seize opportunities, do things differently and dare to succeed. 

Life at Hitachi Vantara

Hear from our employees all over the world about the goals they’ve achieved, their career journeys and
how life at Hitachi Vantara makes a difference.

Customer Testimonial

I have found a passion in giving back to others and helping people find their voice.

Kate Vance

Sr. Manager, Culture Communications

Louisville, United States

Customer Testimonial

When I heard that there was a Mental Health First Aid initiative at Hitachi Vantara, I immediately wanted to get involved

Greg Mason

Professional Development Program Manager

Denver, United States

Customer Testimonial

One of the most valuable aspects of working at Hitachi is the opportunity to collaborate with other designers from various fields through workshops, meetings, and other channels. The insights and knowledge gained from such interactions have been invaluable, especially for those with a passion for design like me.

Tiago Gomes

Product Designer

Lisbon, Portugal

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