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Leading Security Company Certis Partners With Hitachi Vantara To Drive Its Technology Transformation



Advanced Integrated Security





Better manage and allocate manpower to meet customer needs.



Implemented Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho solutions to rapidly integrate data and deliver insights on manpower utilization.


  • Real-time insights into staff location and movement.
  • Ability to allocate manpower where it is needed.
  • Improved staff productivity.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Ensured compliance with SLAs.
  • Increased operational efficiencies.


Certis, a leading security services organization, underwent a three-year transformation journey from a physical guarding services provider, to a unique specialist (operations-technology) ops-tech outsourcing partner with advanced security and technology at its core.

To improve customer loyalty and boost its competitive edge, it was vital for Certis to have a solution that integrates video analytics, sensors and big data analytics. The organization would then integrate these insights into its existing dashboard applications to provide its customers with value-added services.


With the introduction of Pentaho analytics solutions, part of Hitachi's Lumada software portfolio, Certis is now able to rapidly onboard data without manual scripting, saving time and resources. Pentaho's dashboards are embedded into the company's existing application, aiding in enterprise-wide user adoption without the need for training users in a new technology.

Real-time staff movements are tracked via sensors. The data is ingested via an API and delivered to users in an interactive interface. This data is also presented to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), allowing Certis' data scientists to build predictions using machine learning libraries from Python, orchestrated by Pentaho's adaptive execution layer.

The Certis teams are now able to access the data from HDFS and the near-real-time data from remote monitoring devices, and then blend them to create report templates and self-service reports and dashboards. They can also easily select the data that they want to analyze and embed into Certis' Staff Analytics web application using Pentaho's analyzer API.

This solution enables the operations team to use custom dashboards created specifically for them to monitor and act on tasks, where needed. The embedded data also enriches the dashboards that are being provided to customers, allowing Certis to add value to its services.


Certis is now able to track the live movements of employees, gaining near-real-time information on their current whereabouts and operations. Combined with the current service request data from customers, this solution enables Certis to allocate manpower where it is needed, when it is needed. It has led to improvements in staff productivity and operational efficiencies, as well as positive feedback from their customers about the results of their business transformation.

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