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MultiCloud Acceleration Solution


SAP Enterprise Modernization




  • CEO has a 3-year commitment to the shareholders to reduce operating costs by $300 Million
  • Client needed a long-term partner to help in transforming the organization by helping them to innovate their business
  • Several large partner contracts become effective in 2018 and better controls were required to execute against them
  • The Client required enhancements in their IT systems in order to be financially compliant with IFRS requirements
  • Client needed a partner that going forward would assist them in consolidating some 20+ separate legacy IT systems further reducing IT operating support costs


  • Provide the platform to experience real-time insights into their marketplace and internal operations
  • Provide access to best-in-class SAP S/4HANA capabilities and to BI Analytics platform to run their business better
  • Enable them to continue their investment into SAP’s technologies and innovation platform for the future
  • Provided as a SAP “ERP-as-a-Service” Platform (SAP Enterprise Software, Maintenance Support and Infrastructure Services)
  • ERP-as-a-Service and Application Managed Services together with Enhancement and Upgrade Services offered over a 7-year term with optional extensions
  • Longer term opportunities to consolidate platforms across the organization to further reduce IT support costs

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