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Grupo Eulen Replaces Basic Reporting With Pentaho

Grupo Eulen







The company was searching for a solution that was in line with company policy and would meet the needs of their customers and data.



Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics automate data processing and improve access to data.


  • Scalable, future-proof solution with high performance.
  • Provided a self-service BI solution with granular data analysis.
  • Allows business users to create ad hoc reports depending on specific needs.
  • Commercial open source model means that new users can be added easily.

Grupo Eulen is a general service provider of nine distinct lines of business in 14 countries worldwide.

The Challenge: Finding the Perfect Solution

As Grupo Eulen’s data was growing, the company sought an enterprise-wide solution for reporting and analysis. They wanted to replace the basic reporting functions of a legacy SAP ERP system AS/400 because it had reached its limit. The solution needed to be in line with company policy; therefore, the new system needed to be open source, easy for nontechnical people and international users to learn, and easy to integrate with SAP and other data sources. It also had to provide a granular view into all company data.

Pentaho’s self-service capabilities helps business users extract more value from our data.

- Diego Martin Fernandez, Business Intelligence Manager & IT Project Manager, Grupo Eulen

The Solution: Pentaho Business Analytics, Pentaho Data Integration

Using Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) software, Grupo Eulen could integrate different data sources including SAP, Excel, CSV and the company’s own applications. PDI is also used to integrate data when migrating to new systems, for example from Lotus Domino to PostgreSQL. Pentaho Business Analytics enabled IT to create about 100 fixed dashboards and reports for the management team and the finance department, and enabled more advanced business users to create ad hoc reports on a self-service basis, depending on their specific needs. Grupo Eulen uses Pentaho solutions with RedHat Linux and a PostgreSQL database in two different servers with a data volume of around 400 GB.

The Outcome: Hitachi Vantara Software Enables Expansion

Grupo Eulen has been using Hitachi Vantara’s solution across the enterprise for more than three years. Pentaho is highly scalable; after first being deployed in Spain, the system is now also running in Portugal and Mexico. More than 1,000 employees have access to the system, with 70 power users accessing it daily. Pentaho’s commercial open source model means that new users can be added easily, without incurring prohibitive license fees. Hitachi Vantara’s solution added self-service BI value to Grupo Eulen. It helps to relieve the workload of the IT department, while empowering more advanced business users. Reporting and analysis let users see the big picture and also drill down into specific areas of interest. This supports better decision-making at both enterprise and departmental levels. User-defined privileges ensure that people only gain access to the data that corresponds with their area of responsibility. Grupo Eulen plans to roll Pentaho out to more countries, add more data sources, and support smartphones and tablets.

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