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MyRepublic Partners With Hitachi Vantara To Revolutionize TelcoTech







Consolidate disparate data systems to improve data storage and operational efficiency, which enables scalability for growth. Integrate data from in-house and third-party systems across four countries. Enable timely business delivery and rapid launch of billing and operations systems for each market.



Implemented Pentaho solutions from Hitachi Vantara to rapidly integrate data and deliver insights per market and across all markets.


  • Significantly improved data integration across different subsidiaries and operational systems.
  • Reduced data ingestion manpower requirements by 75%.
  • Enabled data foundations to power “TelcoTech,” an innovative approach to the telecommunications business.

The Challenge

One of the fastest growing telecom operators in Asia-Pacific, MyRepublic currently has operations across Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia. A leading innovator, the company is set to expand further into the region and launch mobile services on top of existing broadband services.

MyRepublic is disrupting the traditional telecommunications market with the introduction of TelcoTech, which uses data and new open source technologies, analytics and machine learning to create new business models. With TelcoTech, operations can be spun up much quicker than approaches by traditional telecommunications operators, giving it much faster time to market than its competitors.

The implementation of Pentaho has strengthened MyRepublic’s TelcoTech strategy across the region, which will help us scale quickly and expand our offerings to other markets in future.

— Eugene Yeo, Group Chief Information Officer, MyRepublic

A robust data pipeline will also power data monetization opportunities to bring new revenue streams.

Key to MyRepublic’s TelcoTech capabilities is its proprietary Business/Operations Support System (BOSS) that supports its entire business. This includes key functions such as customer relationship management, order management, finance and operations management in a single platform built upon TM Forum Frameworx standards. In addition, there are third-party systems like customer service support ticket management systems, call center solutions and subscriber network data that need to be integrated. To accommodate the company’s growth trajectory and vision, it needed an open data integration and analytics platform. The platform would need to integrate, process and analyze data across the entire business, to first provide timely insights that improve business efficiency and then power future data-driven products and services.

To gain a view of the business across all countries, the MyRepublic team decided to develop a new, enhanced BOSS system that deeply integrates business and analytics reporting with the BOSS system.

There were a few challenges to achieving this. Data from the legacy BOSS system existed in separate instances for each country and needed to be integrated with data from other third-party systems. Software engineers had to manually code scripts to extract and transform data into reports; this process could take anywhere from an hour to several weeks, depending on the complexity and analytics needed in the report. Manpower-intensive, the process assigned eight engineers to create these reports.

The Solution

MyRepublic deployed Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics platform. With Pentaho, MyRepublic was able to integrate the disparate data and create the necessary dashboards with just two engineers: a 75% savings on manpower.

One of the key tenets of the TelcoTech vision is providing telecommunications operators with the ability to enter markets quickly and provide services rapidly. The efficiencies gained from integrating the Pentaho open platform and leveraging the extensive library of data integration connectors helps MyRepublic further enhance the ability of its platform to deliver on this promise.

Pentaho solutions allowed MyRepublic to easily embed dashboards within the BOSS, customer relationship management (CRM) and back office systems so that users can access insights while working within the operational systems. With increased resources, the company was able to develop further enhancements, like a mobile app that delivers current insights into operational KPIs to senior management, even when they’re on the go.

The Outcome

“The implementation of Pentaho has strengthened MyRepublic’s TelcoTech strategy across the region, which will help us scale quickly and expand our offerings to other markets in future,” explained MyRepublic’s Group Chief Information Officer, Eugene Yeo. “While we have made significant manpower savings on data integration and reporting, the bigger benefit is the robust data pipeline that has been built. Pentaho allows us to add data to this pipeline rapidly, which is important to this vision. It paves the way for us to create new data monetization models, which will lead to innovation in the industry, just like what FinTech players achieved with the financial services industry,” said Yeo.

MyRepublic plans to continue partnering with Hitachi Vantara to expand the use of Pentaho to drive more savings and new revenue streams. Planned launches of mobility services in various markets will see MyRepublic capture up to 100 times more data that can be monetized or used to drive new products and services.

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