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Dutch Railways

A Multi-Partner Program to Restore Competitiveness to the Dutch Railways


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The primary objective of the client was to make urgent improvements to the rail network that would attract new customers

NOTE: In January of 2020, Hitachi Consulting and Hitachi Vantara began integrating and will operate as a combined company under the Hitachi Vantara organization.

Business challenge

ProRail, the state-owned company responsible for managing Dutch national rail infrastructure (6,500km of track, stations, points, bridges, level crossings and all related rail infrastructure) knew that becoming more competitive meant greater punctuality and reliability.

To achieve this, it must collaborate effectively with the three contractors responsible for day-to-day rail maintenance. "Business as usual" was not acceptable, so it launched the OPC+ Program to define and implement new performance standards.


Hitachi Consulting implemented an overall MCRS® and helped teams of experts from ProRail and the contractors in devising new maintenance management processes and a suite of jointly-agreed KPIs. The priority was to build a business case with targets that would challenge and motivate everyone involved. This meant a shift from historical hands-on maintenance to new, broad-based, eyes-on asset management.

Hitachi Consulting worked sessions with 40 top managers from ProRail and the contractors who agreed to a Change Management program that would result in a 24% reduction in failures and over €40m savings. Hitachi Consulting worked alongside client taskforces to oversee implementation.

Hitachi Consulting also worked with managers involved in the program, helping them formulate a joint vision for OPC+ that eliminated obstacles to performance improvement and consolidated mutual trust. Hitachi Consulting continued to support sustainable success by ensuring knowledge transfer and the sharing of best-practice methodologies across the partnership.

The consultants have had special, added value in the OPC+ Program. The action, passion, empathy with our culture — and how they could handle the sometimes conflicting interests within the consortium — has helped us step-by-step towards our goals. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

– ProRail Top Management

On time and on track

Service failures reduced by 25%.


After an intensive design and implementation period, we can now say "Right the first time" is firmly embedded in the business.

Client confidence has been secured by using the new tools, methods and behaviors brought by this project. By leveraging the competencies of the internal coaches, the client is capable of delivering improved customer experiences every time.

  • In two years, failures affecting the service have been cut by one-fourth, thanks to the OPC+ Program's focus on service failures and the implementation
  • Around €43.5M in efficiency improvements have been achieved.

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