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FHS St. Gallen

FHS St. Gallen Looks To Improve Exchanging Data

FHS St. Gallen







FHS St. Gallen sought to integrate different data sources without involving time-intensive manual processes.



Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics automate data processing and improve access to data.


  • Automatic scheduled functions for ETL jobs.
  • The ability to connect with a wide range of other systems.
  • Self-service analytics and dashboards to complete further analysis.
  • Automated reporting processes becomes more efficient.

The largest university for applied sciences in eastern Switzerland automates the reporting process.

The Challenge: Looking to Enhance Their ETL Process to Leverage Student Data

FHS St. Gallen sought to improve the ease of exchanging data generated from the CampusCard system, a combined student ID and cashless payment card. The CampusCard is used in cafeterias, for printing and copying, and for items in vending machines. The data generated from CampusCards needed to be integrated with the university’s ERP system, without involving time-intensive manual processes.

We automated the time-intensive effort of manually exchanging data and preparing reports.

- Diana Bruckner, Project Manager Business Applications, FHS St. Gallen

At the same time, different levels of reports based on the transactions from the vending machines, printers and copiers and point-of-sale (POS) systems needed to be generated quickly and shared with people in the various cost centers.

The Solution: Pentaho Business Analytics, Pentaho Data Integration

Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) was used to create an interface between the CampusCard system and the ERP system. With its comprehensive job scheduling services, PDI makes it possible to schedule the execution of jobs and transformations on a daily basis. The integration of Pentaho's authentication and authorization management with the LDAP server further enables efficient and granular user management. Pentaho Business Analytics enables predefined reports that can be easily run for each cost center, along with self-service reports and dashboards on CampusCard transaction data.

The Outcome: Improved ETL Process for Everyday Data

Hitachi Vantara provides a completely automated ETL process that extracts everyday data from the CampusCard and ERP systems – including vending machines, printers, copiers and POS transactions – and generates predefined reports that are emailed to the different cost centers and an external caterer without any human intervention. The self-service analytics and dashboard enable people in the cost centers and in the external catering company to do further analysis on data if needed. In the future, FHS St. Gallen plans to integrate its evaluation system into Pentaho to automate the generation of management and administration statistics.

The university chose Hitachi Vantara’s big data integration and analytics tool for various reasons. Pentaho allowed them to automate scheduling functions for ETL jobs. Pentaho can connect to a broad number of other systems. Additionally, they valued the ability to automate the reporting process, and found the self-service analytics and dashboard functions easy to use.

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