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Hitachi Delivers Security and 100% Incident Response Management for Global Telco







Create a highly secure and compliant Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment.



Outsource infrastructure assessment and integrated services for configuring and monitoring devices, systems and applications on AWS.


  • A full 100% incident response achieved via managed response.
  • Almost 50% reduction in MMTR.
  • About 1,000 alerts effectively addressed every month.
  • Almost 20 key process improvement initiatives executed.
  • More than 50 process documentation docs authored for business-critical applications.

Challenge: Align Processes and Ensure Security Compliance

Compliance and security were at the forefront of a global telco’s goals when it chose to outsource its infrastructure assessment and integrated services for configuring and monitoring devices, systems and applications on AWS. The firm sought to employ AWS Well Architected Framework to assess security and operational compliance and NIST Special Publication 800-83 readiness. It was looking for process alignment and security compliance for incident, problem and change management, as well as configuration management databases (CMDB) across more than 40 servers, a couple hundred middleware instances, and almost 15 million cloud trail logs.

Solution: Add Security Team, Establish Process Documents

The global telco partnered with Hitachi Vantara to create a solution that included:

  • A security assessment report with recommended fixes for improved security posture.
  • A 24/7 team of less than a dozen full-time employees (FTE) for 100% incident response management, infrastructure management and monitoring.
  • Assurance of annual SOC 2 compliance with external audit firm.
  • Initiation of ISO27001 certification process.
  • Process documents for annual incident response plan, problem management, root cause analysis and change management processes.

Outcome: New Business Model Adds Efficiency and Revenue

The global telco now solely relies on Hitachi Vantara’s cloud modernization services to manage its sophisticated AWS infrastructure. The solution implements multiple security and compliance protocols and:

  • Manages over 50 users across all commercial platforms.
  • Monitors more than 500 continuous integrations (CIs), hundreds of containers and close to 15,000 microservices.
  • Handles almost 1,000 alerts per month and a few million logs per day.
  • Reduces mean time to recovery (MTTR) by nearly 50%.
  • Addresses more than almost 150 incident tickets monthly, with nearly 30 change requests across upwards of 50 users, thanks to a separate CMDB tenant, which operationalizes incident response.
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