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GoTransverse Enhances Customer User Experience







Reporting and analytics in GoTransverse’s cloud-based platform, TRACT, was becoming a challenge for end customers, as well as internal users.



GoTransverse adopted Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho solutions for both data integration and embedded analytics.


  • Customer support tickets on reporting went down 17%.
  • Internal adoption increased by 300%.
  • Reporting performance, adoption, and data accuracy all improved.
  • Dashboard rendering is 8x-10x faster than with previous solution.

GoTranverse elevates their billing platform with an enhanced customer user experience.

The Challenge: Empower Customers With Analytics

GoTransverse is in the cloud billing industry and has domain experience garnered from years of building billing and revenue management solutions for many of the world's largest communications service providers and enterprises. GoTransverse's cloud-based agile monetization and billing platform, TRACT, supports the monetization of any combination of one-time, subscription and usage-based offerings with near real-time metering, rating, billing and native revenue recognition.

Pentaho’s platform provided end-to-end capabilities that brought embedded analytics into our product, streamlined our internal operations, and allowed our customers to make better data-driven decisions.

– Michael Beamer, President, GoTransverse

TRACT drives top-line revenue growth, faster time-to-market, visibility into revenue streams, and operational savings for its clients. TRACT can act as the system of record for all accounts receivables or as an adjunct billing system. The company processes billions of transactions on a monthly basis and has deep domain expertise in complex packaging, pricing, and billing. Their customers include Fortune 1000 in areas of internet of things (IoT), energy management, over-the-top streaming services, data centers, fleet management, and as-a-services offerings.

GoTransverse’s TRACT cloud-based agile monetization and billing platform needs to capture all relevant usage and revenue data without the support of IT. They sought to empower customers with analytics; therefore the company needs organized data in a timely fashion to show ROI. Customers were logging an increasing number of support tickets for reporting and analytics, and this was consuming valuable company resources.

Rather than being strategic drivers for their clients, reporting and analytics in TRACT were becoming a challenge for both end customers and internal users. Data reliability and access was an issue, creating reporting inconsistencies that affected how users interact with the platform. Since reports were manually created and sourced from their legacy system, there was a consistent backlog of requests as analytics could not be delivered fast enough.

Knowing that data accuracy and visibility was critical for widespread adoption of the TRACT billing platform, GoTransverse was looking to proactively advance their reporting and analytics capabilities. This required improving the time, speed, and reliability of analytics in order to enhance the customer experience and adoption of TRACT.

To do so, the organization needed to:

  • Speed up the back-end data process
  • Give end customers an easy-to-use interface for detailed business intelligence and analytics

The Solution: Pentaho Data Integration, Pentaho Business Analytics

GoTransverse adopted Hitachi Vantara's big data integration and analytics solution, Pentaho, for both data integration and embedded analytics. On the data integration front, the TRACT platform utilizes an operational database along with a data warehouse for reporting and analytics. With Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), data can now be quickly onboarded into the data warehouse to be prepared for on-the-fly analytics.

By introducing scheduled reports, preparing reports and analytics with set deliverable dates and times became a much easier process with Pentaho and no longer required the technical skills of professional services or IT.

GoTransverse can now integrate analytics into TRACT to expose dashboards, reporting, and visualizations to end users. These analytic capabilities were embedded into TRACT using Pentaho APIs so that the analytics would appear as a seamless part of the TRACT platform.

GoTransverse took advantage of the following Pentaho embedded capabilities:

  • Configuration for multitenancy
  • Single sign-on for seamless transitions between TRACT and Pentaho
  • Dashboard components displayed in the TRACT UI
  • Theme Pentaho reporting UI to appear as TRACT platform
  • Customer and user-centric reporting with varying levels of permissions, such as read-only, company-wide, or personal views across all tenants the company owns
  • REST API access to Pentaho data

The Outcome: Improved User Experience

By using Pentaho for data integration and embedded analytics, GoTransverse has experienced improved reporting performance, increased adoption, and data consistency and accuracy, which was critical for making their billing application successful. These enhancements have led to performance increases of 8x-10x faster than with previous solutions.

The team can showcase the powerful functionality of TRACT through Pentaho’s analytics capabilities, out-of-the-box reports, and ad hoc reporting functionality.

Within the company, building new ad hoc reports no longer requires programming or database knowledge, saving staff time and increasing accessibility to analytics within the company. By providing full visibility into usage data and revenue streams without the IT bottleneck, this initiative shortened the time to make critical business decisions by tapping into data insights. TRACT’s customers gained access to a host of new standard reports focused on key business metrics, including monthly recurring revenue, churn rates, cross-sell and up-sell revenue, and customer lifetime value.

Additionally, thanks to Pentaho’s APIs, dashboards were seamlessly embedded into TRACT and matched the look and feel of the software, allowing end users to have access to more immediate data. All of this has led a better user experience as GoTransverse has already experienced a 17% drop in customer support tickets. Internal adoption of the Pentaho BI solution has risen 300%.

GoTransverse picked Hitachi Vantara’s solution for a variety of reasons. They valued Pentaho’s data integration capabilities as it sped up data preparation time. Pentaho’s open and embeddable analytics fit with their existing architecture and security standards. Finally, they were able to provide a seamless experience to their customers.

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