Nasdaq Increases Transparency Throughout Its Business







Create a scalable, cloud-based platform with big data integration and analytics.



Revamp legacy system by employing Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics.


  • Efficiently transforms and analyzes billions of rows of data daily.
  • Enables Nasdaq to keep pace with 21st-century trading requirements.
  • Creates a data environment that can be commoditized while lowering costs.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by 50%.

Nasdaq Inc. is a financial services corporation that owns the Nasdaq stock market and eight European stock exchanges.

The Challenge: Create a Cloud-Based Platform With Big Data Integration and Analytics

The company needed a way to quickly process and transform large data sets coming from multiple sources into a format that could be used efficiently to analyze several business lines in a timely manner. This was difficult due to the size of data.

Regardless of data size, Pentaho helps us make prudent decisions enabling us to compete.

– Michael Weiss, Senior Software Engineer, Nasdaq OMX

The Solution: Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics

The company chose a solution based on Amazon Redshift and Pentaho.

Amazon's RedShift offered the performance and price point needed with the ability to scale quickly.

Pentaho's product suite offered a perfect blend of ETL, visuals, and extensibility that addressed Nasdaq's needs.

The Outcome: A Data Environment That Can Be Commoditized While Lowering Costs

The solution lowered data processing time and increased business transparency.

Analytics are now available to management on a T+1 basis.

Managers can now quickly identify and understand factors impacting revenue, such as changes in participant behavior.

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