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State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company (国家电网上海市电力公司)

Hitachi Vantara Helps State Grid Provide Continuous Power

State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company





Virtual Storage Platform G 1500


Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1500

Brocade DCX8510 Brocade 6520


Global-active device

flash module drives

Hitachi Vantara Storage Virtualization Operating System


Changhong IT



Find a solution to handle fast growth and demands for increased performance and reliability.



Improved internal systems and delivered faster response times to optimize operations and decrease costs.


  • Ensures 7/24 performance of ERP system; eliminates single point of failure.
  • Accelerates response time and optimizes operations processes.
  • Delivers up to 5x faster writes and 3x faster reads in terms of IOPS.
  • Reduces labor cost of operations and maintenance by 60%.
  • Shifts maintenance from manual to intelligent and automatic.

State Grid selects Hitachi Vantara solutions to improve their services.

The Challenge: Meet Performance and Reliability Needs of Fast-Growing Business

Established in 2002, State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) is an ultra-large, key state-owned enterprise. SGCC provides power to over 1.1 billion people in 26 provinces in autonomous regions and municipalities, covering 88% of the national territory. SGCC owns total assets of RMB 3808.83 billion and overseas assets of over US$60 billion. The company ranked second on Fortune Global 500 and first in Top 500 Chinese companies, and is the world’s largest utility company. Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SGCC.

To ensure continuous operation of the power system, Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company has long been investing in building its information systems and in pursuing digitalization, as IT systems play a key role in its current business. Therefore, the security of the IT systems has become critical for the system’s stable operation. Meanwhile, with the expansion of the ERP system and the company’s widening services, the data capacity of each application system is exploding and this poses a higher performance requirement on the business data I/O.

Existing storage systems were unable to support long-term development or the data backup and disaster recovery strategy. These issues were due to obsolete equipment, low utilization of the storage devices, low performance, and insufficient reliability. To this end, the Information Center of Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company recognized the need to deploy a new centralized data storage system to back up critical core-business systems.

The Solution: A Storage Solution That Ensures Security and High Data Availability

State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company has an ERP system that provides typical OLTP service, which has very high performance requirements. As the company’s core business system, it is closely related to the daily electricity consumption of residents.

To meet such needs, Hitachi Vantara offers a combination of Virtual Storage Platform G1500 (VSP G1500) high-end disk array solutions, with global-active device and flash module drives (FMD). The latest generation of VSP G1500 provides users with the most stable and reliable data-bearing platform in the industry; its global-active device architecture ensures that the business system runs stably 7x24, and that the entire system can run normally without storage failure. In addition, the system features robust multi-queue technology that prioritizes I/O based on the background operation. Excellent low latency can be achieved even under heavy load conditions. At the same time, this technology also offers online data compression capabilities.

The Smart ERP system of State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company runs on Oracle Database; the storage solution provided by Hitachi Vantara integrates seamlessly with Oracle Database.

SGCC purchased a variety of Hitachi Vantara services including SAN implementation, global-active device implementation, and transformation planning and design.

The entire solution provides users with not only disk storage space, but an optimized system storage controller with tailored global-active device technology. This configuration enables the company to meet flexible and versatile performance response requirements, and results in a better return on investment. The solution also ensures uninterrupted operation of business systems. The following shows a schematic diagram of the solution:

The Outcome: Stabilized Business Systems Ensure a Continuous Power Supply

Advanced Architecture: The hybrid array architecture of VSP G1500, with global-active device, features open storage architecture, sharing of multiple storage functions and unified management of multiple data types. The solution takes full advantage of storage characteristics with its microcode and controller optimization, and completely addresses performance issues with traditional storage system bottlenecks.

Innovative Function: Unified management platform of VSP G1500 delivers the virtualization service, optional tiered storage management, snapshot, and modular design, and supports virtual server and seamless integration with Hitachi Storage Resource Manager, providing security management based on the user role and delivering virus-protection technologies. In the future, the platform will be able to help ERP systems achieve higher goals such as virtual storage, larger file system management, and data protection.

High Reliability: The architectural design of two VSP G1500 units built with the global-active device solution further enhances the stability of the ERP business system. Hitachi Vantara also offers a 100% data reliability guarantee for VSP G1500 high-end storage, which ensures stable operation of the customer's business systems.

Robust Performance: Working closely with the customer, Hitachi Vantara tailored a VSP G1500 FMD solution based on the business demands and future platform planning of State Grid. In this solution, FMD can address the IO pressure of core database effectively. VSP G1500 offers outstanding stability, flexibility, and scalability, and provides high I/O and low latency unmatched by traditional media. At the same time, the solution ensures data security with FMD flash media. With this storage platform, it is also possible to build the storage cloud resource pool quickly and to implement hybrid usage in a multilevel, multi disk environment to meet comprehensive technical demands of State Grid.

Changhong IT is a Hong Kong-listed company controlled by a state-owned enterprise. It is a professional IT solution service provider, IT product distributor, location and information service terminal product manufacturer, and service provider that integrates and optimizes global resources.

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