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Tokyo Stock Exchange Standardizes and Streamlines Data Processing and Analytics With Pentaho and Cloudera

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.




Hitachi’s Lumada Platform Products:

Pentaho Data Integration

Pentaho Business Analytics



Manage rapid growth in transaction volumes and streamline operations.



Consolidation of data from multiple sources and enhanced analytics capabilities with Pentaho solutions.


  • Accelerates processing of 100M+ transactions per day.
  • Provides a scalable architecture to support future growth.
  • Aims to lay the foundation for a single data utilization platform for the entire Japan Exchange Group in the future.


Rapid Growth in Transaction Volumes

The Tokyo Stock Exchange is managed by the Japan Exchange Group, Inc., a Japanese financial services corporation that operates several securities exchanges in Japan.

  • The business wanted to enable digital transformation and make it easier to create new data-driven services that deliver value for customers.

The intuitive graphical user interface of Pentaho made it quick and easy for us to develop the applications we needed to utilize Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub.

– Takashi Kamikura, Manager, Information Systems Department, IT Development Division, Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • Data was dispersed across many siloed business systems, which made data consolidation, preparation and analysis time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • The business was already processing tens of millions of transactions on a typical day and more than 100 million on busy days, and data volumes were still rising. Accelerating data processing became a top priority.


Find an Open, Scalable Solution

The Exchange looked for a data processing platform that would not only meet its immediate needs, but also offer flexibility and scalability for the future.

  • The company worked with Tosho System Service Co., Ltd., to build a new data platform based on Cloudera and Hitachi’s Pentaho, a Lumada portfolio product.
  • Pentaho Data Integration enables the consolidation of data from multiple business systems via a standardized integration process.
  • Pentaho Business Analytics provides visualization and analytics capabilities, simplifying the development of new data-driven applications and services.
  • The Cloudera platform harnesses open source technologies,  eliminating the risks of vendor lock-in and providing the flexibility to deploy both on-premises and in the cloud.


Accelerated Data Processing and Streamlined Operations

With the Pentaho and Cloudera platform in place, the company is already experiencing many significant business benefits. The new solution:

  • Accelerates batch analytics processes by enabling data to be distributed and processed in parallel, delivering results faster.
  • Streamlines data preparation tasks, saving time and effort in the data analysis process.
  • Makes it easier to combine data from multiple sources and produce sophisticated analyses.
  • Simplifies the development of new data-driven services with a no-code interface for building data integration processes.
  • Provides a scalable architecture that will be able to support even larger data volumes in the future.
  • Aims to lay the foundation for a standard platform for data integration and processing for the entire Japan Exchange Group in the future.

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