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DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH Improves Product Offering

DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH








Improve the supply chains of customers through better analytics.



Embedded Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho platform into their Skylyze product.


  • Increased customers’ product quality.
  • Improved manufacturing efficiency.
  • Enhanced innovation and processes.
  • Revitalized competitive advantage.

DSA helps German manufacturers strengthen their competitive advantages.

The Challenge: Provide Customers With Better Analytics

DSA Daten-und Systemtechnik GmbH has been a leading expert in the development of innovative and customer-specific communication solutions for vehicle electronics for decades. Their products support various processes through the entire life cycle of vehicles. DSA’s solutions are modular and flexible, which enables their customers to customize their manufacturing processes.

By leveraging Pentaho capabilities within the PRO-OPT solution, we’ve established a platform that will help companies across Germany create more efficient supply chains and boost their competitive advantage.

– Dr. Simon Becker, Head of Software Development – Vehicle Manufacturing, DSA

DSA realized that their product offerings needed to embrace digital collaboration across the entire supply chain. They understood that this would further enable their customers to use their own data.

In 2014, DSA founded the Skylyze business unit of DSA. It is the data analytics, data visualization and big data technologies branch of DSA Daten-und Systemtechnik GmbH.

Collaboration between companies is increasingly important across industries. For example, in the automobile industry numerous companies are often involved in creating various car parts. As a result, automobile manufacturers can have extremely complex supply chains with multiple interdependencies.

To be able to quickly identify and address challenges in the supply chain, such organizations need to work together as a single, smart ecosystem. And that means sharing accurate information seamlessly and digitally, while protecting intellectual property.

The Solution: Pentaho Data Integration, Pentaho Business Analytics

With more than 500 employees across the globe and 35 years’ experience, DSA develops innovative and customer-specific communication solutions for vehicle development, production and after-sales.

DSA determined that they needed a solution that would make data integration and analytics simple for their customers. An expert in vehicle electronics, DSA has been working with the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs to help overcome these issues.

The PRO-OPT project was established in 2015 by the German government to make the German economy more competitive by enabling companies to aggregate and analyze data as part of smart ecosystems. The project is run by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. PRO-OPT is part of their “Smart Data – Innovation from Data” research and development program. The project is a cooperation of various German research institutes and industrial partners under the leadership of DSA.

The PRO-OPT platform enables companies to collaborate easily and securely including the DSA’s specialist Skylyze components. Under an OEM agreement with Hitachi Vantara, Skylyze is powered by Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics.

Using Hitachi Vantara’s big data integration and analytics solution, the PRO-OPT platform provides an interface to bring together data from multiple sources and conduct detailed analyses, while keeping the data secure within the owner’s environment. Relevant results are aggregated and shared across the smart ecosystem without revealing the raw data.

The Outcome: Improved Analytics

Thanks to their OEM partnership with Hitachi Vantara, DSA has enabled their customers with improved analytics. Their manufacturing clients have experienced greater digitalization and automation through Skylyze.

By using the PRO-OPT platform, companies can take greater advantage of big data with smarter analysis, and work together in more effective ecosystems.

With smarter analysis from Skylyze, organizations can:

  • Improve quality and efficiency
  • Safeguard supply chain continuity
  • Develop innovative business models and processes
  • Boost competitive advantage

Dr. Simon Becker, DSA, comments: “By leveraging Pentaho capabilities within the PRO-OPT solution, we’ve established a platform that will help companies across Germany create more efficient supply chains and boost their competitive advantage.”

With such a groundbreaking solution, DSA can retain its reputation as a leader in its field and attract more customers.

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