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IIoT Analytics


Simplify industrial IoT software solutions delivery with packaged digital twins, machine learning (ML) solutions and deployable ML models.

Accelerate your time to value for analytic application delivery, breaking down data silos, and integrating OT and business data for greater insights.

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Analytic Solutions Developed for Hitachi Industrial Processes Now Available for Use in Your Operations

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Lead Time to Predict Equipment Failure

High accuracy in anomaly prediction, compared to traditional time-based failure estimates.

Less Time to Assemble Analytics

Accelerate your time to value for analytic application delivery, breaking down data silos, and integrating operational technology (OT) and business data for greater insights.

Cost Reduction in Operations

Optimize critical processes using machine learning and advanced algorithms to predict failure and prescribe solutions to augment staff competency.

Easier Equipment Asset Analytics

  • Anomaly Detection

    Anomaly detection using sensor-based anomaly score calculation on operational devices- Example; Frequency Band Detection, Misalignment and Lidar analysis.

  • Remaining Useful Life

    Performance degradation detection based on historical failures in equipment such as compressors in the presence of potentially scarce data.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Sensor-based detection of root causes of failures using physical models such as switch failures, repair history and predictive maintenance needs.

  • Failure Prediction

    Predict lead time from first component warning to a machine shutdown given historical failures, continuous and categorical variables and operations factors.

  • Operator Skill Evaluation

    Maintenance or activity effectiveness estimations based on group or individual operator or technician actions.

  • Scheduling Optimization

    Lead time estimation based on assembly time, transfer operations and quality data.

Accelerate Delivery of AI and ML

“Logan Aluminum Fast-Tracks Digital Transformation With Hitachi Vantara.”

Vijay Kamineni

Business Transformation Leader

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“Smart Trains for a Smart Future – Predictive Maintenance for the Rail Industry.”

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“Swisscom Empowers Employees and Strengthens Customer Service With A 360-Degree View of Operations.”

Emanuel Zehnder

Head of Information Architecture

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IIoT Analytics- Accelerate your time to value for analytic application delivery with IIoT Analytics software.

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