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Leading insurance company chooses Hitachi as Cloud migration partner

Leading Insurance Company




Business Challenge

As one of the UK’s longest-established and most trusted brands, maintaining a high standard of customer service was of paramount importance to this leading player in the insurance sector. A forward-thinking and technologically aware organisation, our client had already identified the fact that by embracing Cloud services, they could not only reduce the cost of IT, but also improve user experience and drive business productivity.

Taking a Cloud-first approach

This organisation already had a clear idea of where, as a brand, it wanted to focus, and a long-term vision for how technology would need to support this. The project leader had already taken the decision to move to a Cloud-first principle that would enable them to embrace the agility, flexibility and economies of scale that a Cloud-based platform offered. Although it was understood that certain elements of the IT infrastructure would need to remain on premises, the view was that if moving any application or service to the Cloud would be beneficial, it should be done.

As is often the case, email was a catalyst for Cloud adoption, and success there demonstrates the value case for Cloud for a much broader set of requirements

Getting the business on board

Moving IT services to the Cloud meant a major strategic shift in IT service delivery, and so having board-level buy-in was critical to the success of the programme.

The client advisory team at Hitachi Consulting (formerly Information Management Group Ltd.) was created for just that purpose – to help clients create a solid and compelling case in order to get the business behind changes in the IT infrastructure. The team worked with the internal client to create and deliver a tailored cloud strategy report to confirm the technical and commercial feasibility of a move to the Cloud, and ensure the board-level backing needed for the programme to proceed. The report included a clear roadmap for the planning, preparation and roll-out of the new services, including the migration of productivity, communication and collaboration workloads from legacy-hosted services to Microsoft Office 365.


Using ONCE, a Cloud-based single sign-on service from Hitachi, the internal IT team, supported by Hitachi’s implementation advisors, were able to seamlessly integrate the new Cloud platforms. This included access to desktop and back-office systems through a single sign-on user authentication process that enabled users to reach everything from one centralised portal.

The initial project focused on email and communications tools but, as with many organisations, this is just the first part of a broader strategic engagement to migrate a whole range of enterprise IT platforms to the Cloud.

Business benefits

  • Key stage in a business transformation programme to reduce the total cost of ownership of IT per employee
  • Enabled greater business agility to scale and bring new products and services to market
  • A platform for greater communication and collaboration with customers

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