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Net Credit Financial Group

Net Credit Financial Group (NCF) Accelerates Application Performance With Hitachi All-Flash Technology

Net Credit Financial Group




Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP): VSP G400 (2), VSP G200, Hitachi Accelerated Flash (40TB)


Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System’s global-active device feature, Hitachi Data Protection Suite, Hitachi Thin Image


Installation services provided by Hitachi Vantara Global Services



Meet 24/7 Business Data Demands.



Always-On Speed and Resiliency.


  • Five times faster performance.
  • Improved data protection.

Challenge: Meet 24/7 Business Data Demands

The NCF Group strategically connects people and finance with technology. The company offers progressive services, such as online loans, crowdfunding, wealth management and mobile communication.

  • Sluggish legacy storage and inadequate backup mechanisms could no longer ensure 24/7 business requirements and user expectations.
  • To meet growing business needs, NCF Group had to improve access, performance and security of its core data systems.

Solution: Always-On Speed and Resiliency

Hitachi Vantara Global Services helped NCF Group to implement a lightning-fast all-flash solution to promote core data availability, protection and agility, based on:

  • Two all-flash VSP G400s for an active-active metro cluster and guaranteed 100% continuous data availability; one VSP G200 for quorum between the two VSP G400s.
  • Hitachi Data Protection Suite (HDPS), powered by Commvault, for tightly integrated, application-aware copy and replication capabilities that support unique backup requirements to their virtual tape library.
  • Hitachi Thin Image (HTI), with high-speed, nondisruptive snapshot technology for robust business continuity.

Outcome: A New Level of FinTech

The NCF Group is poised to forge one-stop integrated financial technology (FinTech) services, thanks to the Hitachi SAN with blazing flash performance. The solution:

  • Achieves five times faster performance of core database.
  • Employs global-active device for active-active storage clustering to support continuous data availability and zero recovery point and time objectives (RTO and RPO).
  • Includes HDPS and HTI to contribute to data security without sacrificing storage performance.
  • Was installed by Hitachi Vantara Global Services, which designed and implemented the technologies to achieve an optimal return on investment.

The all-Flash Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G400s offered a comprehensive, versatile platform for our mission-critical data, proven resiliency and active-active storage. Now, we can rapidly respond to business demands.

– Yiguang Zhao, NCF Director of IT Operation and Maintenance

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