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You have a complex data ecosystem. We have one platform to help you manage it all.

Learn the basics of improving the value of big data and find out which big data solution is right for your business needs.

Smarter analytics. Smarter insights. Smarter decisions.

Gather data from all your Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices and analyze them with a more intelligent system.


Fast-track the ability to make use of all your organization’s complex business, human and machine data.


Take a simplified approach to onboarding data at scale. Automate hundreds of data ingestion processes to reduce development time and mitigate risk.


Turn all of your data into valuable insights. We provide powerful analytic capabilities that can deliver traditional reporting and even power machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Watch the Webinar “From BI to AI.”

Learn how business intelligence is evolving from traditional look-back analysis to forward-thinking prediction and prescription.

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Hitachi Data Systems, Pentaho and Hitachi Insight Group are now one company: Hitachi Vantara.

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