IoT and Streaming Analytics

Hitachi Vantara Labs is at the forefront of integrating with big data technologies that optimize how data is processed and uncover the best ways to execute real-time streaming analytics with big data.


Ken Wood, VP of Hitachi Vantara Labs

Ken Wood, VP of Hitachi Vantara Labs

The open source foundation of Pentaho and efforts taking place in Hitachi Vantara Labs allow us to quickly innovate with emerging technologies, so that we may remain autonomous and provide flexibility to the big data community.

@KenWoodOnTech, Hitachi Vantara Community

As VP of Hitachi Vantara Labs, Ken Wood is dedicated to leading the organization to the next level of innovation in big data analytics. His expertise comes from working with Hitachi's advance technologies when he served as CTO of the technical incubation group at Hitachi Data Systems.


Message queuing telemetry transport (MQTT) is a simple, lightweight publish-subscribe messaging protocol used in IoT environments such as smart homes, manufacturing, energy and more. This open-standard protocol has an extensive ecosystem of libraries and support and requires minimal packet overhead. Hitachi Vantara Labs is innovating with MQTT, enabling Pentaho users to more easily and quickly ingest, interact with, blend with, and react to incoming streams of IoT data.

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