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August 19, 2021

Hitachi Vantara Delivers Intelligent DataOps Software Suite to Give Organizations Faster Access to Better Data

The Lumada DataOps Suite provides AI-driven data management through a cloud-native platform to improve data flow and productivity for data-driven enterprises.

Pentaho 9.2 now supports Microsoft Azure for accelerated data pipelines across multiple public clouds.

Lumada Data Catalog's unique 'fingerprint' tagging and deduplication reduces data governance risk and overall storage costs.

New composable architecture makes Lumada DataOps Suite easier to deploy for improved scale and flexibility.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – August 19, 2021 - Hitachi Vantara, the digital infrastructure, data management and analytics, and digital solutions subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. (TSE: 6501), today announced the general availability of the next generation Lumada DataOps Suite. The portfolio of data management and analytics software is designed to help businesses rapidly identify and utilize data to enhance customer experiences and provide a source of competitive advantage – from customer, operational and product intelligence to compliance and fraud management. The Lumada DataOps Suite helps lower the cost of data operations by using AI to place trusted data quickly into the hands of data analysts and business leaders.

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Many organizations are struggling with data sprawl and the challenge of governing and gaining insights from 'dark', unused data. Wrangling data across on-premises and multicloud environments, and manually combing data for context and correlations takes time and strains many organizations' resources.

"Sourcing quality data for analytics is one of the main inhibitors for innovation in data-driven organizations but the adoption of DataOps methodologies can drastically improve workflow among teams," said Stewart Bond, research director at IDC. "The ability to automate data management tasks with AI frees up data engineers to focus on more compelling initiatives, while simultaneously allowing self-service access for data consumers is a breakthrough in improving efficiency and collaboration."

"The ability to provide the right data, in the right hands, at the right time is a simple formula to enable data-driven outcomes," said Radhika Krishnan, Chief Product Officer at Hitachi Vantara. "The Lumada DataOps Suite transforms disparate data silos into one in which everyone can use a governed data fabric for innovation. Customers are enabled to tackle data complexity and reduce the time it takes to get access to data and to create valuable insights."

Lumada is Hitachi's advanced digital solutions and services for turning data into insights that drive digital innovation. The Lumada DataOps Suite is a modular software platform that features data integration, data analytics, data cataloging, and edge intelligence tools that help connect data, assets, and people to fuel innovation. Built with a modern cloud-native architecture, the Lumada DataOps Suite provides a scalable foundation for different Lumada software products which can be spun up and down across multiple cloud providers, increasing agility to manage data operations at scale while reducing cost through containerized deployments.

Providing a logical data fabric in a single, unified platform, the Lumada DataOps Suite consolidates data across silos, lines of business and applications to create a complete view of company-wide data. Leveraging AI to automate processes such as data discovery and cataloging lowers risk and decreases storage cost because data is intelligently labeled, governed and cross-referenced for version control and deduplication efforts. With time consuming manual tasks now automated, administrators can provide analytics teams with self-service access to comprehensive, trusted data for more informed decision making.

Lumada DataOps Suite

Trusted Data from the Edge to Multicloud

The Lumada DataOps Suite is powered by a new version of Pentaho, Hitachi's enterprise data integration and analytics platform. The new Pentaho 9.2 offers full Microsoft Azure support, expanding customer choice of public clouds and improving data pipelines across providers. The platform's open ecosystem now includes updated data store support for Cloudera Data Platform and HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric (MapR), allowing for greater flexibility and integration with existing ecosystems and analytics tools. Logging enhancements for Pentaho Business Analytics also improve installation cycles by bringing automated upgrades that lower maintenance costs and consolidate multiple licenses into one, easy-to-use ecosystem. Lumada Data Integration allows customers to seamlessly migrate to the DataOps Suite to take advanatage of its comprehensive data management capabilities.

Incorporating 'fingerprint' tagging technology gained through the acquisition of Waterline Data in 2020, Lumada Data Catalog leverages AI to provide customers with faster data discovery, and better data rationalization for improved governance and provisioning. Lumada Data Catalog intelligently identifies and analyzes duplicate copies of data to reduce the overall cost of storage and risks associated with using partial copies for analysis, often resulting in inaccurate insights.

Also new today are improved collaboration tools in search, filter and export functions of the self-service portal, empowering analytics teams to quickly and easily identify the most useful datasets for a given project.

"The increased scalability and multicloud support from the Lumada DataOps Suite enables us to expand our cross-system analysis to new customers with broader use cases that span multiple public clouds," said Peter Stanjeck, Senior Vice President with USU, one of Europe's largest vendors of IT and knowledge management software. "Pentaho enables us to offer customers cross-system analysis for their entire IT infrastructure and all their service processes in our USU Analytics platform."

"Modern, data-driven organizations need a cloud-native data analytics platform to transform their business, but the process of gathering data is a challenge for those navigating complex data processes across multiple clouds," said Scott Musson, Vice President, CSI & Global Channel Programs at Cloudera. "Alongside the Cloudera Data Platform, the CDP-certified, cloud-native foundation of the Lumada DataOps Suite will provide customers with flexibility and access to data. Together, we're delivering capabilities that reduce data friction that will enable data-driven innovation with speed and agility."

"Organizations are looking to be more data driven, and as such, are rapidly migrating from legacy, on-prem systems to modern, cloud-native data platforms. Streamlining the process of gathering data still proves a challenge for users navigating complex data processes across multiple clouds," said Sarah Branfman, MongoDB's VP of Technology Partners. "Combining MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB's official database-as-a-service, and Hitachi's cloud-native foundation of the Lumada DataOps Suite, provides customers with even greater flexibility, access to data and migration power. With Hitachi as part of MongoDB's Modernization Program, we are jointly delivering capabilities that simplify data modernization and ensure data-driven success across the entire data fabric."

"When companies cannot successfully leverage their data growth and turn it into trusted, high-value information, they begin to lose their agility and fall behind," said Michael Kienle, Managing Director, IT-Novum GmbH. "With Lumada DataOps Suite from Hitachi Vantara we can offer customers a single suite of integrated products that combines proven Hitachi technologies, AI, advanced analytics and data management capabilities."


The Lumada DataOps Suite, Pentaho 9.2 and Lumada Data Catalog 6.2 are available worldwide now from Hitachi Vantara and its global partner network.

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