Data Center Modernization

As the modern data center evolves, operational efficiencies and the user experience improve. However, aligning infrastructure, protection, management and operations is key.

Transform Your Business With Data Center Modernization


  • Agile Data Infrastructure: Improve business agility with a resilient infrastructure that is cloud-aware and container-integrated.
  • Modern Data Protection: Protect customer experiences with continuous availability and adherence to compliance requirements.
  • Intelligent Operations: Enhance operational efficiency by predicting and automatically refining data center-wide processes and systems.
  • The Journey to Data Center Modernization

    Learn how to modernize your data center with Hitachi and analyst George Crump.



An agile infrastructure is needed to enable the business to move quickly in new directions without being constrained.

Modern data protection is essential to keep the business running and meet new regulations, requirements and threats.

Software that predicts, prescribes and automatically acts is critical to achieving service levels and reducing operational overhead.


Get the most ROI from your virtualization. Manage dynamic storage demands with centralized support, efficient data protection and quick recovery in VMware virtual environments.


Adopt SAP faster and gain value sooner with real-time analytics, leading virtualization and smart business solutions. In the end, you accelerate the growth of your business.


Reduce the cost of running your Oracle databases and applications and enjoy higher performance, better availability and more efficiency.

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