Legacy Application Retirement

Retire legacy application data to a central repository to enable comprehensive searches and continued data access.

Relocate Outdated Applications. Retain Data Access.

Legacy applications can be a burden to sustain. Together, Hitachi Content Intelligence and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) power a solution to allow legacy applications to be retired, while securely maintaining data in a central repository for future searches and continued availability.

Retire Legacy Apps

Keep app data searchable and accessible for future use. Reduce administrative overhead of burdensome legacy applications.

Central Data Repository

Move data to HCP for improved data governance, regulatory compliance, protection, management, and lower long-term TCO.

Enterprise Search

Search and access data from retired applications, with enterprise security, customizable searches, and robust queries.

Improve Data Quality

By integrating with enterprise data sources, enrich application data to optimize quality and power smart business decisions.

Solution Architecture

Legacy Application Retirement Solution Architecture

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