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Marquis Software Improves Prisons With Data

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Find an end-to-end platform for big data integration and analytics that can consolidate data sources.



Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics automate data processing and improve access to data.


  • Large state correctional departments can make fast, informed decisions.
  • Improved management of inmate populations by grouping similar individuals.
  • Now able to track movements of prisoners to anticipate confrontations.
  • Provides governed self-service access to hundreds of thousands of users.

Marquis Software tracks and manages thousands of prisoners and guards to ensure their safety and security.

The Challenge: Provide Visibility to Correctional Facilities to Ensure Safety

Marquis Software’s electronic Offender Management Information System (eOMIS) is a market leader in statewide offender-management solutions.

State correction facilities faced with overcrowded prisons and staff limitations demanded better visibility into their inmate population. Correctional facilities wanted to minimize the risk of lawsuits or infractions by ensuring the safety and security of all inmates while providing them with necessary medical care.

Overcrowded prisons and limited resources have forced statewide correctional facilities to be more data driven. With Pentaho, Marquis Software is able to provide a complete view of their inmate population, so prisons can anticipate a problem before it even happens.

– Ben Harrell, Director of Sales and Marketing, Marquis Software

When inmates are placed on parole, inmate data needs to be made available to federal agencies, justice departments and local police authorities.

The customer needed to be able to provide real-time data access in a scalable way to a growing number of users. Today, 130,000 users at over 400 correctional facilities, and 600 offices in eight states, log in each day to Marquis Software’s eOMIS.

Marquis Software was struggling to deal with growing data volumes as they currently track over 400,000 inmates, over 200,000 medical records, and over 600,000 individuals under community supervision. Furthermore, the company needed to easily blend and integrate over 900 data fields and sources, ranging from geospatial data to inmate statistics (such as race, gang affiliations and medical disabilities) to provide a 360-degree view of inmates.

The Solution: Pentaho Business Analytics, Pentaho Data Integration

Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho platform provided real-time data access in a scalable way to the growing number of Marquis Software’s users. Pentaho software offered modern, future-proof architecture for seamless integration and connectivity to all data sources and a comprehensive, end-to-end big data integration and analytics platform.

The Outcome: Take Advantage of Data to Improve Management and Lower Risks

Marquis Software can now use all of their data to help large state correctional departments – including the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and the Arizona Department of Corrections – make fact-based decisions.

Thanks to help of Hitachi Vantara's Pentaho solution, the company has ensured better management of inmate populations by grouping individuals with similar medical conditions together, separating at risk-individuals from the general population, and tracking dietary needs of inmates. These functions are accomplished by tracking the movement of prisoners, which also allows guards to anticipate when and where a confrontation might occur – before it happens.

Marquis Software selected Hitachi Vantara's Pentaho solution because it would add value. They realized that Pentaho's modern, future-proofed architecture would provide them with seamless integration and connectivity to all data sources. The Pentaho solution delivered a comprehensive, end-to-end big data integration and analytics platform. Finally, it provided governed self-services access to hundreds of thousands of Marquis Software's users.

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