Great Careers Start With Innovation

Ignite your career with Hitachi. We deliver insight to help build smarter businesses and create Social Innovation solutions for a healthier, safer future. Our culture values respect, individuality and growth for every employee.


Benefits Are Just the Beginning

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Work and personal life are equally important and both must be nurtured throughout your career. Hitachi offers a diverse range of benefits and programs for individual needs.

Career Development

Career Development

Ongoing learning is a core value at Hitachi. We provide many professional development opportunities to grow your career skills.

Compensation and Total Rewards

Compensation and Total Rewards

Competitive pay, bonuses, education and other benefits are key to workplace satisfaction.

Our Commitment Gets Noticed

2018 PR & Marketing Excellence Award: Campaign of the Year

The Public Relations and Marketing Excellence Awards were launched in 2014 to reward public relations agencies, departments and people whose work delivered exceptional performance and innovative approaches.

2018 IoT Innovation Award: Enterprise Solution of the Year

IoT Breakthrough Awards Recognize Standout Internet-of-Things Companies and Products.

Frost and Sullivan 2017 Best Practices Award: Global Media and Entertainment Storage and Customer Value Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan

Great Place To Work, India: Best IT-BPM Companies to Work For 2017

Great Place To Work - India

2017 50 Best Workplaces of the Year

With a legacy of over 100 years, Hitachi is a global leader serving industries such as IT, finance, government, manufacturing etc.

Make Your Mark

Nick appreciates that he’s making a difference and contributing to the success of the company

Hitachi Spirit

The Hitachi Spirit makes us unique as an employer and drives us every day: our people, our practices and all that we do.


The willingness to respect the opinions of others and discuss matters in a manner that is thorough and frank, but fair and impartial, and once a conclusion has been reached, to cooperate and work together to achieve a common goal.


To act with a sense of ownership and honesty at all times and never pass the buck. The spirit to meet society's expectations and generate credibility for Hitachi.

Pioneering Spirit

To work creatively, using novel approaches to enter new areas. To always act as a pioneer within our areas of expertise and to have the passion to pursue higher goals beyond our capabilities.


Equal Opportunity Statement
Corporate Social Responsibility
Diversity and Inclusion
Reasonable Accommodation Statement

You’re in the Right Place!

Hitachi Data Systems, Pentaho and Hitachi Insight Group are now one company: Hitachi Vantara.

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