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Opower Improves Customer Experience and Revenue







Create a scalable, cloud-based platform with big data integration and analytics.



Maintain a single view of customer marketing programs that allows for in-flight adjustments, providing analytics and real-time updates.


  • Enables Opower to generate additional revenue by automating analytics service.
  • Provides a unique service, a competitive differentiator in the marketplace.
  • Delivers analytics on utility customer demographics, energy savings and more.
  • Provides data in easy-to-use format for better decision-making.
Opower, a subsidiary of Oracle, is a customer-engagement platform for more than 100 utilities worldwide.

The Challenge: Maintain a Single View of Customer Marketing, Automate Analytics

Utility companies were challenged with maintaining a single view of their customer marketing programs and needed the ability to drill down on certain key program attributes to make in-flight adjustments.

However, providing marketing analytics to their clients required Opower to manually run approximately 100 custom queries each month. In addition, marketing segmentation was based on static customer profiles because information was not updated in real time.

With Pentaho, Opower launched a new revenue-generating service that provides better insight into customers’ actions and behaviors. This service is a key differentiator for us.

– Soumya Mohan, Product Manager, Opower

The Solution: Self-Service, Embeddable Business Analytics Platform From Pentaho

Pentaho provides Opower with seamless self-service analytics and dashboard capabilities that allow utility companies to interactively explore the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Utilities use the solution to better understand issues that range from promoting energy efficiency to improving customer sentiment. Opower saw the value in using the solution to monetize the analytics they manually provided to their customers.

Pentaho's easily embeddable business analytics platform integrates with Opower’s existing technology stack to deliver a fast time to market.

The Outcome: Additional Revenue for Opower, Valuable Insights for Utilities

By automating their analytics service for utility companies, Opower generates additional revenue and provides a unique service that is viewed as a competitive differentiator in the marketplace.

Using Pentaho Business Analytics, Opower is able to expose detailed, personalized analytics on utility customer web activity, marketing engagement, household demographics, energy savings and more. The solution allows data to be consumed in an easy-to-use format for nontechnical users to make better decisions.

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