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Transforms Into a Digital Organization

US Financial Firm Taps Hitachi Vantara's Cloud Modernization Experience






  • Transform into a digital organization.



  • Manage and transform more than 40 business units with 24/7 public cloud support for security and compliance across multiple environments.


  • 97% SLAs results now assured.
  • Almost 20% cost reduction across cloud environments.
  • About 60% reduction in alerts thanks to automation.
  • Single point of management across almost 150 servers, and up to 20 cloud accounts.

Challenge: Move Beyond Brick and Mortar

Traditional brick and mortar business is slowing, and the CEO’s strategy at a U.S. financial firm was to answer this challenge by transforming the company into a digital organization. Issues facing this approach included: the lack of IT organization visibility and control experienced by the CIO and central IT group; siloed operations, with more than 40 business units managing independent IT environments; and fragmented security and compliance of the IT environment, which had been left to application owners.

Leveraging Hitachi services to establish a cloud center of excellence (CCoE), a U.S. finance firm achieved close to 20% enterprise-wide cloud-cost reduction.

Solution: Establish CCoE and 24/7 Secure Public Cloud Support

The firm worked with Hitachi Vantara’s cloud modernization services to manage and transform more than 40 segregated business units. The solution team designed a secure landing zone, creating an enterprise standard that became the base standard for the firm’s public cloud environment. Hitachi also implemented 24/7 public cloud support for security, compliance and vulnerability for multiple environments. The solution leveraged the latest available technology—Prisma Cloud for security, Data Dog for cloud monitoring, CloudHealth for governance and performance—building a scalable network of workstations (SNOW). This, along with ready-to-go customized templates and frameworks, as well as upskilling of experts, helped establish the CCoE and implemented cloud best practices and standards, including cloud cost optimization and migration checklists.

Outcome: Move to Digital Drives Benefits

Digital transformation and the new vulnerability scanning tool boosted capabilities and benefits for the firm. The architected cloud solution supported almost a dozen payment, business, marketing and analytics apps and architected DevOps environments across over 40 business units. The firm now has the capacity to receive more than several thousand alerts per month, and monitor and resolve approximately 1,500 incidents. Other critical transformation achievements include:

  • Boosted service level agreements (SLAs), which are approaching 99% across almost 150 servers and about two dozen cloud accounts.
  • Establishment of CCoE and ability to drive cloud service provider (CSP) and business standards across the enterprise.
  • Implementation of cost-saving measures and ongoing cadence for enterprise-wide cost-optimization measures.
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