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Big Data Event London Conference 2023

We Do It All With Data.

Reliable Data, Insightful Intelligence, and Accelerated Return

In an era marked by the rapid evolution of technology and the paramount importance of data, three foundational pillars stand out as the drivers of business innovation and growth: Rapid Return on Investments, Quality Data, and Insightful Intelligence. Join us at Big Data London, where together we will delve into the convergence of these pillars, exploring how seamless integration of data sources enhances ROI and optimizes performance. We emphasize the growing importance of data quality in the world of mission critical AI, advocating for a data-fitness approach along with strategic data modernization and precision engineering to ensure trustworthy and reliable AI outcomes. Lastly, we illuminate the transformative potential of data modernization, arguing that when combined with advanced analytics, businesses can harness the unparalleled power of AI and ML to unlock untapped opportunities and pioneer innovative solutions that redefine industry standards. Through this practical approach, we propose a roadmap for organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of the digital age and solidify their position at the forefront of industry innovation.


Becoming Data-Fit: Performing Mission Critical Work at the Speed of AI

Join this session where we discuss the fast-paced changes organizations are now making to become ‘data-fit’ and leverage their data together with next generation AI capabilities. You will hear from two industry experts who will share insights on how work is being transformed by embedding AI technologies into day-to-day operations across energy, banking, insurance, healthcare and public sector organizations. Ajay Vohora, VP for AI, Data & Analytics will also share behind the scenes insights on approaches being used to accelerate adoption of new AI data products, hybrid cloud architectures and tools necessary to drive data to AI to perform mission critical work.

AI is has become the major driving force accelerating how mission-critical business and operational work gets performed. But there are foundational aspects to making data “fit” for AI in order AI to perform well. Data needs to be trusted for a single version of the truth to be employed responsibly with AI and to run mission-critical operations reliably. Embedding more AI into mission-critical operations means curating and blending data across business functions to empower all teams with accurate content generated with AI, and without compromising business agility or compliance when personalizing data for every customer interaction.


Hybrid Cloud Data Lakehouse: Get Insights from Your Data no Matter Where it Resides

What does it truly mean to be data centric? How do we bring data together that has all too often been disparate silos and not possible to run the analytics workloads that we need to run? How do we expose critical data to workloads to derive value? Having the right data strategy and infrastructure allows you to pull data from what would have been siloed or worse, thrown away. New technologies allow you work with your data no matter where it lives, for example capturing data from ancient systems. Learn how to use your data to make decisions, and how to create a winning data strategy.

September 21, 2023 | 10:40 AM | Customer Highlight Session

Navigating Cloud Transformation and Data Mesh Synergies: Insights from Raiffeisen Bank International and Hitachi Vantara

Join transformation leaders from Hitachi Vantara and Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) to navigate the Complex Cloud Transformation and Data Mesh landscape. This session goes beyond traditional cloud transformation to explore the groundbreaking Data Mesh paradigm, illustrating its role in enhancing agility and governance in RBI’s digital odyssey.

Demos on Display

Accelerate Data-Fitness for AI

ROI improvements occur upon each use. With a common data platform, cost savings, performance improvements and analytic enablement becomes faster and easier, in as little as 30 days. Get projects started more quickly, mapped to business needs, with higher data insights and quality.

Demo Highlights:

  • Connect to any data source, application or service.
  • Insuring data served to mission critical applications and activities is dependable and a single/trusted source of truth for compliance and auditability.
  • Delivering data that is ready to be used by an AI system. Data is labeled, normalized, and organized, so it can be easily parsed and used by the business to draw meaningful conclusions.

Reliable Data. Better Decisions. Enhanced AI/ML Outcomes.

In the world of AI, the reliability of data is paramount. Become Data-fit to drive greater reliability and scalability in mission critical AI analytic solutions through Data Preparation, Data Processing, Model Management and Digital Twins. Data modernization and Data Reliability Engineering ensure that highly reliable data is consistently available, so AI/ML-driven outcomes are accurate.

Demo Highlights:

  • Elevate data consistency and reliability for AI/ML models through data observability.
  • Reduce risks associated with poor data, such as biases and inaccuracies with self-heal engineering.
  • Establish trust in data with self-serve data experience.

Insightful Intelligence.
Transformative Impact

Data modernization is the catalyst for transformative change. Combine with cutting-edge analytics and enabling technologies such as AI, ML, LLM to drive insightful intelligence that can revolutionize business outcomes, create new opportunities, and redefine industries.

Demo Highlights:

  • Harness the power of data to unlock previously untapped opportunities.
  • Move from Reactive decisions to proactive strategies with predictive analytics.
  • Unlock innovative solutions and experiences unique to AI-driven insights.

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Visit our booth #600 for demo tours of the latest in Data Modernization and Hybrid Cloud solutions from Hitachi.


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