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A change in how customers acquire IT going forward

Tom Christensen, CTO & Customer Advocacy, Northern EMEA Hitachi Vantara
  • recorded | 07/23/2022
  • Webinar

As part of our new video interview series "Infrastructure Insights" with CBR we invite you to watch a session where CBR Associate Editor, Jon Bernstein interviews Hitachi Vantara CTO, Tom Christensen. This fourth episode, " A change in how customers acquire IT going forward", tackles a number of issues at the forefront of today's IT agenda:
•Is the IT purchasing model ready for change?
•How can organisations optimise data centre contracts when acquiring products?
•How do organisations best align costs to business needs?
•By 2023, 15% of enterprise buyers will implement consumption-based models to deploy storage, up from 3% today. Why the shift?
•Is 15% over cautious? If this is the best approach, why isn’t that figure higher?