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Accelerating Cloud Adoption in a DevSecOps World through Automation

Sri Vasireddy, CTO Global Cloud Services, HV & Joe Khoobyar, Principal Architect-Public Sector & Cloud Platform Automation,HV
  • recorded | 07/23/2022
  • Webinar

For governments and regulated industries pursuing transformation initiative, leveraging a set of hardened DevSecOps blueprints with a robust automation model could pave the way to success.In the transition to Multi/Hybrid Cloud, lines of business teams need to be empowered to build applications (web, transactional, big data, and AI) in a self-service fashion from hardened components that meet enterprise governance and compliance policies. Sri Vasireddy and Joe Khoobyar will explain the benefits of automating early, share their wealth of experience in cloud, and provide practical guidance for implementing STIG in highly secure government environments. Who should Attend: All government and regulated industry customers ( FSI, Healthcare, public services) in APAC