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A Climate Change Innovator

Helping governments, cities and companies cut their carbon footprint by combining data-driven outcomes with industrial know-how to carry out climate change initiatives.

Powering A Low Carbon Future

Hitachi's environmental vision is to pass on a healthy planet to future generations. See how we are contributing to a net zero society.

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Uniting the World to Tackle Climate Change

Hitachi is proud to be a Principal Partner of COP26, playing our role in the decarbonisation of society and tackling climate change.

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Battery Trains Speed Towards Net Zero Emissions

The technology will help cut emissions and pollution in stations, cities and beyond, helping countries reach Net Zero C02 emissions, faster.

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The rainforests are speaking. Can we hear them before it's too late?

Hitachi's advanced acoustic analysis is helping Rainforest Connection fight illegal deforestation in the world's most remote forest.


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Protecting the Rainforest with Artificial Intelligence

Gajen Kandiah, CEO of Hitachi Vantara, joins the Ian King Live show on Sky News to discuss how, through a partnership with Rainforest Connection, AI is being used to analyze the bioacoustics sounds of the rainforest to prevent illegal deforestation.

Future-proofing London’s grid for an EV future.

The world’s largest EV trial brings 3,000 electric commercial vehicles to London’s busy streets. Will the UK’s power grid hold up, or buckle under the new electric demands?

We Live by Our Ethics

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and ethics, from our employees to the way we conduct business.

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