Financial Services

With regulations constantly changing and data volumes rising, many of the largest financial institutions are looking to Hitachi Vantara for actionable insights into customers, operations and risks.

Financial Services on the Pentaho Platform

Financial services organizations need to transform their data into actionable information to reduce costs, manage risk, meet regulatory compliance and enhance customer insights. Hitachi Vantara can help.


Hitachi Content Platform gives Rabobank control of its data, with a flexible, comprehensive solution and the ability to meet future compliance needs.

– Walter Hendriks, Change Manager, Rabobank

Financial Services
Queries that took all night now take 20 minutes to break down a metric and analyze.
– Greg Allen, Business Analyst, Rabobank
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Why Hitachi Vantara for Banking and Financial Services?
Find out how Hitachi Vantara solutions help banking and financial services meet ever-changing regulatory requirements.

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