Data Fabric for Dummies
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Data Fabric for Dummies - Ebook

Data Fabric for Dummies

Simplify data complexity through automating data integration, data governance, and data processing. Break down data silos across teams, systems, and clouds.


A data fabric is a new-ish concept that simplifies and integrates next generation enterprise-wide data management and delivery across a choice of endpoints spanning on-premises and multiple cloud environments. Importantly, the data fabric is an architecture and set of data services that decouples from any physical implementation and provides seamless access across multiple clouds, datacenters (core), or even edge systems (such as Internet of Things devices, local machines, or even mobile devices) to accelerate digital transformation.

This e-book explores how to:
  • Effectively build and deploy a data fabric
  • Optimize data access and support compliance
  • Modernize a data fabric with DataOps

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