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Accelerate digital transformation in your industrial environment.

Seamlessly merge IT and OT to solve key business challenges.

Regardless of your industry, Hitachi and Cisco have the expertise to consult with you on your desired outcomes and deliver asset-based designs to achieve them. We’re uniquely qualified to do this – Hitachi and Cisco have been integrating IT and OT solutions to solve challenges and drive transformation for over 20 years.

Hitachi and Cisco – working together to deliver transformation.

Increase efficiency and performance, while driving ROI.

Application Modernization Increase efficiency and performance, while driving ROI.

Don’t race to the cloud – tailor your modernization to your environment. Hitachi and Cisco work together to ensure your applications are agile – scale, and adapt to the needs of your business, using a combination of consultation, solutions and experience to deliver outcomes, faster.

Get support for your cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud transformation. Re-shaping and enhancing mission-critical applications like SAP and Oracle for new environments.

Increase efficiency and performance, while driving ROI.

IT/OT Convergence Be safer, more sustainable, and competitive.

It’s increasingly understood that the desired state within industrial organizations is for IT and OT technologies to converge. Delivering greater data visibility and support, plus many more critical business benefits. Hitachi and Cisco have a deep understanding of IT/OT convergence, working together for decades in solving some of the world’s biggest data challenges.

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Support your health and safety strategy

Support your health and safety strategy

Hitachi Smart Spaces and Lumada video insights enable real-time collection and analysis of your video and sensor data. Ensuring all users are kept safe.

Support your health and safety strategy

Create new revenue streams via digital innovation

Monetize your data with full data visibility. Make astute, insight-driven decisions that enhance customer and employee satisfaction.

Support your health and safety strategy

Be more sustainable by leveraging your data

With end-to-end data visibility, you can be sure that you’re driving environmental, social and economic value. Deliver that visibility using Hitachi and Cisco’s data aggregation and analysis capabilities.

Drive value from unstructured data

Big Data Management Drive value from unstructured data.

Hitachi and Cisco’s solutions support the 3x ‘V’s of data - Volume, Variety and Velocity. Enabling customers to appropriately store semi-structured and unstructured data effectively, and enabling it to be blended with structured data that support analytics.

We don’t just collaborate with each other – we want to collaborate with you, too

Co-Creation We don’t just collaborate with each other – we want to collaborate with you, too.

Hitachi and Cisco have an ethos of co-creation with our customers. We’ve done this many times; most recently with a well-known Telecomms giant. Creating a governed cloud of personal, consumer information for a healthcare customer of theirs. It was vital that the data was:

  • Completely confidential
  • Well-managed
  • Easily accessible
  • Value-driven insights enabled

Co-creating with us means combining your expertise and industry-leading solutions with ours, resulting in a bespoke solution that delivers exactly what your business – and your customers – need.

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