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See How Hitachi Competes and Our Customers Win!

Winning in a Landscape of 500 Different Competitors

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Discover how an amalgamation of proven customer-focused products, services, capabilities, and data op solutions separates Hitachi from the rest.


Jeremy Brisiel

Chief Creative Officer, Swelloquent Arts

Chief Creative Officer, Swelloquent Arts, and an award-winning writer, producer and host with over 20 years experience delivering creative content to audiences around the world.

Mark Farrant

Master Research Analyst, Global Competitive & Market Intelligence, Hitachi Vantara

Chuck Kramer

Senior Competitive Intelligence Analyst, Hitachi Vantara

The Senior Competitive Intelligence Analyst at Hitachi Vantara is an experienced hands-on director, manager and presales solutions engineer with over 30 years of experience in information technology, big data, department management, sales, large infrastructure & data center project management, network design & engineering, audio/visual system design, and security system implementation.


Welcome to this Studio NEXT podcast. I'm your host, Jeremy Brisiel, and we have a great conversation on tap today. Especially if you like competitive intelligence. I don't know how to not say that phrase that way. I know that I'm supposed to just say it as a normal way, but I can't say. Gentlemen, if you could, since I don't want to mess names up or titles, could you tell me who we're talking to today? Tell the audience.
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