Lumada Video Insights

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Transform video into insights, combined with internet of things and business data to gain comprehensive intelligence for your operations or business.

Harness the power of video - glean insights to your space that will drive impactful change and strong outcomes.

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Bring together various real time and historical data points into one holistic view, enabling rapid decision making and a proactive approach to your space.


Deploying video analytics allows organizations to take control of their operations with Automated Situational Awareness, deeper operational intelligence and Privacy Protection.


Utilize the ability to capture and comb through massive amounts of data with ease.  Finding the right data needed to solve your biggest challenges.

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Komponenten von Video Insights

Hitachi Visualization Suite
Unite video, IoT data and analytics for alerts, insights, and tools that help you take smarter actions to improve safety and operations.
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Hitachi Video Analytics
Improve operations, customer experience and security by transforming video into actionable insights and real-time alerts.
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Hitachi Multi Feature Video Search
Search high volumes of video for vehicles, objects and people based on a combination of over 100 attributes and appearance, without personal information.
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Was ist Lumada Video Insights?

Learn how video insights enables operations teams to achieve desired outcomes for their space.

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“Gain greater understanding and transparency into space utilization, logistics and flow in order to shift to a more proactive approach.”

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“Determine areas of risk, track and send alerts of incidents, and, when incidents happen, send alerts for prompt review.”

Read Our Use Case Read Our Use Case

“Increase safety and gain greater insight into individuals that enter restricted zones through video analytics and real time alerts.”

Read Our Use Case Read Our Use Case

Ressourcen und Einblicke

Smart Spaces Improve Operations, Customer Experience, and Security

Lumada Video Insights Solution Profile 

Reap All the Benefits of Video

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Experience the power of Video

Learn how Hitachi’s end to end solutions help you solve for your most difficult challenges.
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