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AI & ML in High-value Physical Asset Solutions

Operations Data.

Reduce your risk and shorten the cycle time in creating machine learning predictive analytics.

Downtime is costly. Hitachi Vantara can help you avoid it by engaging the data generated by your industrial operations.

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Lumada Industrial DataOps

IIoT Core
An open and scalable core IoT platform foundation with edge IIoT protocol conversion, API integration, notification alerts and AI/ML applications hosting.
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IIoT Analytics
IIoT Analytics are toolkits and services to simplify Industrial IoT software solutions delivery using packaged Digital Twin, ML services and deployable models.
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Data Integration and Analytics
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Data Integration and Analytics
Ingest, blend, cleanse and prepare ERP, MES, weather, and business application data. Orchestrate data flows anywhere. Pentaho technology delivers the solution.
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What Is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to an array of internet connected devices beyond traditional personal computers, focusing on appliance devices, like in the home: thermostats, refrigerators, or in industrial sectors: sensor, actuators, robots.

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What are Data Analytics?

Is the science of analyzing raw data in order to draw conclusions about the information they contain to uncover patterns and extract valuable insights from it. Its aim is to apply those insights to beneficially inform larger organizational decisions.

What is Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation's main aim is to optimize work in industrial processes. This allows production to speed up, safety tom be improved, and to better utilize resources. Industrial Analytics work hand in hand.

What Is Data Science?

Applying AI-based analytics to get the most value out of your organization’s information. A group of interdisciplinary tools and techniques — integrating statistics, computer science and advanced technology — that help you turn data into insights.

“Hitachi’s vision of ‘Powering Good’ by optimizing guest experiences through enhanced operational efficiency, is a perfect fit for Disney.”

Michael Tschanz

Michael Tschanz

Director of Technology and Analysis,
Design and Engineering,
Disney Parks Experiences and Products

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Experience Lumada Industrial DataOps

Meet with an expert to see the full solution functionality including integration, profiling, optimization and analytics.
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