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The Future of Storage Can Be Seen in the Cloud
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The Future of Storage Can Be Seen in the Cloud

The Future of Storage Can Be Seen in the Cloud

Enterprise storage is becoming more cloud-like in terms of its elasticity, support for automation, enabling of self-service, and rapid deployment. New technologies such as NVMe storage and storage-class memory (SCM) offer on-premises storage options that don't slow down at scale.


A hybrid approach to IT is not an indictment of the cloud. It's an endorsement of the cloud's impact on all storage. This e-book considers several areas where the cloud is not always the best choice and where you can make the most of emerging storage hybrid architectures by:

  • Employing storage technology that allows cloud-like scalability while keeping control over data.
  • Using storage as a service (STaaS) to access the latest technology at lower costs.
  • Driving business with on-premises storage performance that doesn't slow down at scale.

To learn how hybrid IT can best serve your business, access the e-book now.

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