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Unlock Your Data-Driven Innovation, Together

By Kelly Dittmann

Steer Your Path to Success at Hitachi Financial Services Summit

October 27 and 28, 2021 from 8-10 am PST each day

With the bevy of challenges facing the financial services industry, catching up today seems to be more attainable than strategizing for what’s next. Let’s take another look at what’s in front of us: There are pathways to accelerating success and overcoming key challenges of skyrocketing customer expectations, risk management, regulatory compliance and data security that will be position you for exponential gains today and beyond.

I am excited to host Hitachi’s upcoming Financial Services Summit, a two-day virtual event where you’ll learn how industry leaders are mapping these pathways. Hitachi executives, partners, and your peers will share how they are meeting today’s issues head-on while supporting data-driven innovation that will deliver in the future.

We took on the challenge of pulling experts and insights together for this summit to give you the best possible experience and breadth of knowledge. Not only does Hitachi manage crucial enterprise data for 44 of the top 50 global banks, but we also operate our own bank, Hitachi Capital. Our own experiences inform our mission to revolutionize financial services organizations with data and cloud strategies that adapt to the changing world.

We understand that for your organization to thrive, you need to accelerate your advantage with your data — and innovate. That’s why we’ve arranged summit sessions covering cloud and data innovations that address global trends impacting your organization, whether you are representing multiple areas from retail banking, capital markets, financing organizations or new investment banks. We also recognize that modernizing your digital core must fuel innovation, not just in IT but also across lines of business, sales and marketing, distribution, partnerships, human resources, finance risk management and operations. Summit sessions shine the spotlight on these areas and more.

In today’s digitally disruptive environment, financial institutions need to remain relevant, competitive and profitable on all fronts. With myriad legacy systems still in play, digital transformation is hugely important. As you plan for the year ahead and those to follow, you’ll face a daunting range of approaches to build data-driven strategies and embrace cloud opportunities. How do you reach operational excellence, deliver best in class customer experiences, and increase profitability? Get ready for insights from our summit speakers. Through interactive discussions, you’ll start to rethink strategies for open banking, data governance, and building cloud strategies:

  • Have you been disrupted? Hear how industry leaders have embraced the very digital technologies, launched by tech startups, that are disrupting the industry to benefit from this innovation.
  • Is it time to open your banking core? Consider why giving users more control over their data and opening the business banking model with cloud solutions improves the customer experience.
  • Will cloud-ready infrastructure work for you? Explore approaches to build a secure, resilient, compliant global cloud infrastructure.
  • What are you doing with your dark data? Learn how your peers have learned to harness and use dark data to innovate throughout the business, including customer experience, compliance, legal and HR onboarding.
  • Will DataOps help you innovate faster? See where your peers have used DataOps to make data visible and accessible from edge to cloud and accelerate data-driven innovation and AI solutions.
  • Is your data in compliance or at risk? Discover the top three ways to take control of your data from our industry leaders.
  • Are you innovating with AI? Understand where some of your peers have put AI to work in innovative use cases.

And don’t miss our special guest speaker, Jim Marous, banking and fintech influencer and creator of the Banking Transformed broadcast. You’ll want to make time to hear his take on the cloud and its role in your digital transformation: delivering your opportunity to optimize your data use, analytics, and technology to maximize potential.

Now is the time to look out for opportunities in your data, in your cloud — in your digital challenges. It is time for new insights.

Hitachi understands what you are going through as we strive to propel our own bank and businesses forward. In this summit, the insights we’ve developed on our own path — drawing from our expertise, not just in infrastructure, but also services and solutions — become your insights.

Join me on October 27 and 28, 2021 from 8-10 am PST each day, to discover strategies for open banking, data governance and building cloud-ready platforms. I’m looking forward to introducing you to Hitachi executives and partners as well as your peers, who will share perspectives that can help you steer your path toward the digital foundation to secure your future.

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Kelly Dittmann is Managing Partner, Head of Financial Services, Advisory Practice at Hitachi Vantara.