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Increase security and operational intelligence with proven edge devices. Gather video and other IoT data & analyze, store and process.

Get complete visibility, intelligence at the edge, and unify your new and existing camera systems.

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Have Confidence in Your Video Journey

Transform video data into a wealth of intelligence with onboard compute, storage, and connectivity.


Unify devices and disparate video cameras in a single system.


Gain visibility and generate proactive alerts to improve your responses within your most critical spaces.


Hardware Components

Hitachi Smart Cameras
Gain visibility and insights with video intelligence devices that feature edge processing, storage, and connectivity.
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Hitachi 3D LiDAR Sensor
Gain real-time, 3D insights that drive efficiency and improve resource use across industries, while respecting privacy.
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Hitachi Edge Gateway for Video
Connect to your IoT, Video, Lidar and other data through configurable and ruggedized devices designed to enable data-driven industry solutions.
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Hitachi Finger Vein Sensor
Secure your space with the most superior biometric identity management and access control device available today.
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Get Smart On The Edge

Intelligence is shifting to the edge, improving latency, insights, privacy, and transmission costs. You’re welcome.

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“Understand patterns and behaviors of both people and vehicles within various social spaces with the power of smart cameras and LiDAR.”

John Smerkar

Director of Marketing – Smart Space and Video Intelligence

Read Our Use Case Read Our Use Case

“Take a proactive approach to your social spaces maintance operations by understanding the patrons that occupy that space.”

John Smerkar

Director of Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence

Read Our Use Case Read Our Use Case

“Increase safety of your space with real time alerts and notifications driven by LiDAR and Smart Cameras in place at your facility.”

John Smerkar

Director of Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence

Read Our Use Case Read Our Use Case

Resources & Insights

Get Smart on the Edge

3D Lidar Sensor Delivers Real-Time 3D Insights and Alerts

Explore Other Elements of Smart Spaces

Experience the power of video

Learn how Hitachi’s end to end solutions help you solve for your most difficult challenges..
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