Intro to Your DataOps Advantage Podcast Series

Realize The Value Of Your Data With DataOps

03 mins | August 29, 2019


Hello and welcome to the first season of the “Your DataOps Advantage” podcast series by Hitachi Vantara! This podcast, hosted by our very own CTO of IoT and Analytics, Mr. Bill Schmarzo, will explore how our customers use DataOps to get the value out of their data. But to start, we will tell our own journey – the good, the bad and the ugly. This is a story of redemption, people! And, how we applied the power of DataOps and the Digital Value Enablement process to transform our approach to data lake monetization. Hang on—it’s going to be one wild ride.

Bill Schmarzo: Chief Technology Officer of IOT and Analytics at Hitachi Vantara

Hello. My name is Bill Schmarzo and I'm the chief technology officer of IOT and analytics at Hitachi Vantara. I'm also a professor at the university of San Francisco where I teach a class called the big data MBA and also an honorary professor to national university of Ireland in Galloway. But some of you may know me as the Dean of big data and hopefully you follow me on Twitter at @Schmarzo, I'm the only one there. I'm very excited to be able to offer to you a series of podcasts about what our customers are doing around DataOps, in particular, how they're using data ops as a discipline to help set the stage around data governments, data management, analytics, and data monetization. The DataOps is a very strategic initiative for organizations that are looking to drive return on their data. This podcast will feature a series of companies and we'll actually go along on the journey with them as they go down their path of trying to identify where and how to leverage DataOps to drive value out of their data.

Our first podcast will actually be about Hitachi Vantara. Yes. Our journey that we went through on the data lake, how we went down a data lake path, didn't maybe have the right kind of approach and didn't end up with the kind of results we wanted. So this story is going to be about the story of redemption of how we went down a path, realized we weren't delivering the right kind of value to our end users, paused and recalibrated where we were going. Now it takes a strong CIO, a brave CEO to admit to her executive team that the approach that she was taken may not have been right. And so we're going to actually walk through and see and stand in the shoes of our CIO, Renee Lahti, and to actually understand more about the kinds of decisions and challenges she had to go through and trying to corral the organization to take a different direction and some friends she picked up along the path in order to help her be successful.

It actually reminds me a lot of the movie Jason and the Argonauts now, the first one, not the remake, right. In the movie, Jason are the Argonauts, Jason assembles a team that's well aligned to go out and capture the golden fleece. Now along this journey, he runs into all kinds of monsters and evil creatures and other things that are trying to distract him from that journey. But the team is successful because they stay focused on the objective, which is to get the golden fleece and the team knows how to work together. That's the story you're going to hear about our team here at Hitachi Vantara. The team we put together to go forward to go seek the golden fleece buried in our data and leverage the data Lake and DataOps to achieve that. In the meantime, I hope you take the time to subscribe to Hitachi Vantara's DataOps podcast. We're going to explore a lot of different stories from a lot of different customers and the journeys they're taking. Lots of stuff to learn there. And by the way, I also hope you take the time to come to our users conference in October, which is a at Las Vegas. It's called NEXT 2019 and Hey, Viva baby, going to be there. Last point is, I hope you also follow me on Twitter again, at @schmarzo so until next time I'll see you on Twitter. Thanks.



Bill Schmarzo
CTO, IoT and Analytics, Hitachi Vantara

Bill Schmarzo is regarded as one of the top Digital Transformation influencers on Big Data and Data Science. His career spans over 30 years in data warehousing, BI and advanced analytics. As the current CTO, Analytics and IoT for Hitachi Vantara, "The Dean of Big Data" guides the company's technology strategy and drives "co-creation" efforts with select customers to leverage IoT and analytics to power digital transformation.

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