Redefine Data Security During Uncertain Times

In this ITPro Today podcast, we're joined by Hitachi Vantara to discuss data management in a post-pandemic world.

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The work-from-home era is officially underway. But how ready are you to support your users? Can you safely deliver data and resources to remote locations? And how do you keep an eye on it all? The cost of data breaches has never been higher and taking a reactive stance simply won't fly. In this podcast we cover:

  • The state of data security: It's a bit chaotic
  • Data management redefined
  • Securing the user and the business
  • Removing complexity and fragmentation
  • Final thoughts and data management best practices


Jeff Lundberg

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Hitachi Vantara

Jeff Lundberg has been with Hitachi Vantara for over 10 years as part of the Hitachi Content Platform portfolio team and is a veteran of both VERITAS Software and HPE with 20 years of experience in archiving, cloud, data protection, information lifecycle management, end-user file services and object storage.

Bill Kleyman

Contributing Editor, ITPro Today

Bill Kleyman has more than 15 years of experience in enterprise technology. He also enjoys writing, blogging, and educating colleagues about tech. Bill Kleyman is a respected contributor to every major data center publication with a track record of success, respect and a deep practical knowledge of emerging technologies.



Welcome, everybody. It is a pleasure to have you on this very special podcast, Redefining Data Security during Uncertain Times, brought to you by ITPro Today and sponsored by Hitachi Vantara.

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