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Break Barriers, Not the Bank, With New Hitachi VSP E Series Midrange Storage

Angela Romberg
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Midrange Storage Portfolio

October 12, 2021

You approach every business decision with one eye always on the future. What you do today lays the foundation to support tomorrow’s growth and your ability to seize opportunities. You don’t need to be in the Fortune 500 to have big ambitions, plans and expectations. If your organization is that large, more than ever, you need nimble infrastructure that can support the specialized workloads that will pioneer the future.

Our enhanced Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E series provides midrange storage solutions that deliver the resilience, agility and efficiency your business needs. VSP E series manages data effectively, today, with price and performance that provide what you ultimately need most: the ability to change and adapt.

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Easily Installed Storage That Adapts to Changing Needs

The VSP E series is part of our broad reimagination of storage designed for a data-driven, cloud-centric world. By implementing the same architecture and capabilities across our entire VSP family, from entry-level to enterprise, including a common operating system and management portfolio, we’ve made it possible for you to tailor your storage environment to suit. This consistency is a critical, fundamental innovation because it means Hitachi storage will grow and adapt with you. The VSP family meets every requirement, from core to cloud to micro-data-center mandates.

With the enhanced VSP E series, your business is never locked into a platform, storage technology or scale. But neither are you limited in features. Choose the capacity and speed your current workloads need, secure in the knowledge that you’re prepared for whatever tomorrow may bring, planned or not. No matter where you start, the VSP E series is built for forward momentum.

VSP E series delivers dramatically simplified, embedded management that makes it easy to install, manage, maintain and expand your storage over time. Anyone with general IT skills will have the system up and running quickly.

Hitachi Vantara Delivers Resilience for All

One thing that has not changed is Hitachi’s legendary resilience. You can expect the same resilience from Hitachi whether you’re purchasing a VSP E590 or a VSP 5600. So, for example, you’ll find our global cache architecture built into all VSP E series systems. This technology shifts loads between controllers to keep hosts working effectively, even under your most demanding workloads. A new hardware-assisted data reduction card handles compression, freeing storage controller CPUs to maintain peak performance.

Add Capability, Not Complexity

As your needs change, you’ll be able to add more systems and different storage technologies easily. No more disconnected storage silos. Your VSP E series systems provide the maximum flexibility when selecting media so you can meet your unique performance, reliability and budget requirements. From highest performance NVMe to cost-effective spinning disk drives, VSP E series allows you to mix storage resources to perfectly align and optimize with your business’ performance and cost needs.

A single operating system and a uniform management system means VSP E series is the storage solution that will grow and adapt with you. As your business evolves, you can add more systems and take advantage of more sophisticated features. You may not need the new highly automated AI and machine learning (ML) powered capability of Hitachi Ops Center, but the options are built in to use when you’re ready.

Upgrade Effortlessly

With today’s new VSP portfolio, there is no need for forklift or rip-and-replace operations. The new VSP E series brings enterprise-class features without breaking the bank. The entire Hitachi VSP portfolio is interoperable within your IT infrastructure and outwardly in hybrid and multicloud settings.

Things are changing fast, both for your business and in the world. The VSP E series is the first storage that combines immutable Hitachi resilience with the nimble agility you need to take on whatever is on the horizon.

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Angela Romberg is Senior Product Marketing Manager, Midrange Storage Portfolio at Hitachi Vantara.

Angela Romberg

Angela Romberg

Angela Romberg is Senior Product Marketing Manager, Midrange Storage Portfolio at Hitachi Vantara.