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Building a Modern Data Fabric on a Strong Foundation: Hitachi Vantara and MongoDB

Madhup Mishra Madhup Mishra
Director, DataOps Product Marketing, Hitachi Vantara

June 07, 2022

The pursuit of business insights is a central focus the enterprise. More than a mere natural resource, data is fueling strategic decision making and as a result, the future of business.

Hitachi Vantara is committed to helping accelerate data-driven experiences with cloud-ready infrastructure, advanced data management solutions, and expert services. But no company or provider in the 21st century can go it alone. Partners with like-minded philosophies, missions and complementary innovations are critical to solving complex challenges and optimizing business performance. This shared commitment is at the core of Hitachi Vantara’s strong partnership with MongoDB.

The great work from MongoDB, provider of the most popular NoSQL database in the world, complements our solutions and services extremely well to provide our joint customers holistic approaches to data management. The synergies between our portfolios are especially strong in the area of data fabrics. Together, we are building out this segment focused on three key value drivers:

1. Unification of multiple data silos with automation – Through integration of IT and OT data and collaboration across application and data teams, we jointly eliminate manual overhead for faster time to value.

2. Self-service model for data consumers and developers – Through simplification of relational-to-document data stores with MongoDB and Hitachi Vantara’s self-service data discovery and publishing capabilities, we empower data consumers and developers with a self-service approach that democratizes access to data.

3. Massive scalability & resiliency to handle all workloads – Both organizations are well known in enterprise solutions with “run anywhere” architectures for the hybrid cloud, encryption and data security capabilities and geo-and supply chain data sovereignty considerations.

This important work will serve our joint customers well as they grow and expand, in the face of mounting data and cloud challenges.

In another illustration of our commitment to our joint partnership, Hitachi Vantara is a key sponsor of this year’s MongoDB World conference in New York City. We’re looking forward to connecting our joint developers at the conference – people who are spread across numerous customers – to showcase the innovations we’re driving together. We’ll use the event to underscore our joint mission to empower developers to build new data-driven applications designed to drive industries forward.

Come see us at MongoDB World and learn more about how our joint solutions can solve the most complex data challenges of the 21st century.

Madhup Mishra is Director, Lumada DataOps Product Marketing, Hitachi Vantara

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Madhup Mishra

Madhup Mishra

Madhup drives product marketing for Hitachi Vantara's DataOps portfolio business. He has +20 years' enterprise software experience, and covers a range of topics including data operations, big data analytics, data governance and Internet of Things (IoT).