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Inspiring Pride in All of Us

Jeb Horton Jeb Horton
Senior Vice President, Global Services, San Francisco, United States

June 10, 2024

Inspiring Pride in All of Us

As SVP of Global Services at Hitachi Vantara, I’m fortunate to lead a wonderful group of 1,200+ people. It’s a highly diverse community across six continents and 30 countries. It’s the kind of leadership role I’ve wanted since first entering the workforce. I consider it a massive privilege.

While the scale of my role is broad, I’m rarely confronted with anyone making quick, superficial judgments. Like I said, it is a great group. Though out in the real world, it’s not always so simple.

Recently I was helping my daughter move out of her college dorm. I was about to pull into one of two open parking spots when a student suddenly pulled into the middle of both spaces. When I suggested to the driver he could have made room for two cars, he responded “Ok, just for you, old white guy, I’ll move my car!”

In the grand scheme of insults, I suppose this was not too bad. Still, since I don’t often face any kind of profiling or discrimination based on my personal identity, I’ll admit, what this guy said didn’t make me feel good.

Thinking about it later, I reminded myself there are people all over the world who feel the sting of judgement and discrimination far worse than this every day. And that I’m lucky to work for an organization that doesn’t tolerate it. One that supports global diversity in all its forms, fosters inclusivity and encourages everyone to always remember that together we are stronger.

Hitachi for Pride

As mentioned in my prior posts at this time of year, I’m also grateful having been asked to be the executive sponsor for Hitachi Vantara’s Rainbow Connection Employee Resource Group (ERG). A role that’s given me the opportunity to understand and appreciate the challenges people have had to face in the LGBTQIA+ community. Including colleagues and family members and friends who have struggled against biases and behaviors that make it difficult to have even familial inclusion.

This Pride Month, Hitachi is running a campaign, Hitachi for Pride, to celebrate the culture and achievements of the LGBTQIA+ community, while increasing awareness of ongoing issues of inequality. The Rainbow Connection will be sponsoring many activities over the month to celebrate the richness of diversity.

At Hitachi, we take pride in our global presence, which brings together employees and customers and partners from diverse backgrounds and places. This isn’t always easy. There are plenty of examples where we have not exactly lived up to our ideals. But we learn and improve and move forward by consistently recognizing that our strength lies in our differences. And that we are stronger together.

All of which fuels our ongoing commitment to cultivating an environment of respect and inclusivity and allyship for all.

This Pride Month – and in fact, the rest of the year and the years after that – I encourage you to embrace the richness of diversity. Treat every individual with respect and consideration and take the time to appreciate their unique cultures and perspectives.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll feel richly rewarded for your effort.

And who knows, you may even get a good parking space!

Jeb Horton is Senior Vice President of Global Services and Executive Sponsor of the Rainbow Connection Employee Resource Group at Hitachi Vantara.

    Jeb Horton

    Jeb Horton

    As SVP, Global Services, Jeb is responsible for leading the Americas professional and managed services business to help customers manage and leverage their data to improve customer experiences and create new opportunities to drive innovation and growth.