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Modernize To Maximize: Unleash Your Organization’s Cloud Potential

Samta Bansal Samta Bansal
Head of Global Marketing, Hitachi Digital Services

April 09, 2021

Look Beyond Migration Into Long-Term Value in This On-Demand Webinar

Today, more than ever, the move to the cloud has accelerated the pace at which enterprises are competing to meet market demands. But a common concern among organizations is how they can migrate to the cloud quickly while mitigating business risks, maximizing their returns and enabling operational efficiencies. Ashish Mehrotra and Premkumar Balasubramanian, digital solution experts at Hitachi Vantara, recently hosted the Going Beyond the Cloud webinar to deliver tips and tricks for companies who share the widespread sentiment. The webinar’s panel of 451 Research, Portfolio+ and Amazon Web Services executives, as well as Hitachi Vantara customers, offers diverse perspectives on the challenges unique to specific stakeholder goals.

At a fundamental level, the goal of cloud migration is to improve IT systems’ efficiency and resilience. What differentiates this webinar from most on this topic is its candid, point-of-view approach to embarking on an intelligent cloud journey. The way the panel examines various business drivers, technology needs and industry dynamics makes the conversation authentic and pragmatic.

The webinar offers a balanced mix of business and strategic topics fueled by firsthand accounts of tactics that have translated into success. Key topics of discussion include:

  • How to lay the foundational blocks of a 360-degree, edge-to-core-to-multicloud approach based on competitive environments and individual company aspirations.
  • Choosing the right cloud provider with an emphasis on identifying which partnerships are critical for the design, prioritization, execution and evolution of a successful migration.
  • A direct customer testimony that serves as a tangible business case, which illustrates Hitachi Vantara’s approach and ecosystem of partners, and looks beyond migration and into scalable growth.

451 Research’s Melanie Posey shared an analogy during her webinar presentation that deeply resonated with me. If an organization’s IT environment were a car, cloud resources that drive an agile infrastructure would be the chassis; data would be the fuel that feeds the applications, which in turn serve as the proverbial engine. If an enterprise is not on the cloud, they can’t drive the capabilities modern businesses require: greater flexibility, more agility and new opportunities for innovation to help them reach their final destination.

Data and analytics fuel an organization’s true power and potential.

— Melanie Posey Research VP and General Manager at 451 Research

Cloud is no longer a tactical enabler but rather a strategic enabler of connected platform economies. If your organization is ready to reduce operational costs, improve agility and enhance efficiencies, watch this on-demand webinar to take the first step toward modernizing your enterprise.

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Samta Bansal is Global Consulting Marketing Leader at Hitachi Vantara.

Samta Bansal

Samta Bansal

Samta joined Hitachi Digital Services from Hitachi Vantara where she led global consulting strategy and marketing. She has deep expertise in digital transformations, AI, big data and IoT, and experience spanning marketing, sales enablement, business development and more.