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High Praise for Hitachi Content Platform

Tanya Loughlin Tanya Loughlin
Director Product Marketing, Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio, Hitachi Vantara

August 10, 2022

Data is the fuel for today’s modern economy – it drives everything from large-scale manufacturing, financial services, energy and transportation to healthcare, media and entertainment and everything in between. This new philosophy of data-centricity has evolved the way organizations think about their IT environments, infrastructure, applications, solutions and even cloud providers. As a result, the demands and expected outcomes of IT have evolved beyond just achieving technology-centric goals such as storage efficiency, cost and performance, to also include business-oriented outcomes derived from data intelligence such as streamlined and faster business operation, sales, productivity, and time to market.

Unstructured data makes up the vast majority of all data — many estimate it represents up to 90% — which is what makes it such a critical component to achieving data-centricity and unlocking data driven value and insights. Organizations recognize unstructured data must be included in all big data, analytics and business intelligence efforts. Here is where object storage comes in. While our object storage has been predominantly recognized for its prowess in storing unstructured data efficiently, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance and security, it also has high-performance and robust data intelligence capabilities such as tagging, metadata and custom queries needed for advanced analytics and business intelligence.

While Hitachi’s object storage solution, Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), has been on the market since 2007, it has not remained stagnant. In fact, it has evolved to address every major new and emerging market requirement that has come up along the way. In many cases leading in innovation and time to market for capabilities such as native S3 support, hybrid and multi-cloud tiering, add-on sync and share and remote and branch office file solutions and much more. However, today, I’d like to highlight some recent industry recognition of note.

HCP Named a Leader in GigaOm’s 2022 Radar Report for Unstructured Data



Earlier this year, HCP was named a Leader in GigaOm’s 2022 Radar Report for Unstructured Data. GigaOm selected the Hitachi Content Platform portfolio as a leader in the Radar report, “Unstructured Data Management (UDM) Business Solutions” because of its compelling outcomes, strengths of Hitachi Content Intelligence (HCI), and comprehensive data management strategy for IoT, big data, and unstructured data.

The report states, “With the right processes and tools, businesses can do more with their data than ever before, mining it for hidden insights and capturing incredible value in the process, transforming it from a liability into an asset. Examples of this transformation are now common across all industries, with enterprises of all sizes reusing old data for new purposes, thanks to technologies and computing power that weren’t available only a few years ago.”

The report continues, “Hitachi Vantara proposes an outstanding and rich platform that strongly focuses on large enterprise use cases and supports the creation of complex, end-to-end data processing workflows with multiple sequential actions on the datasets.”

Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) Ranked as a TOP 5 Software Defined Object Storage Solution by DCIG



In a new report from DCIG,  2022-2023 Top 5 On-Premises SDS Object Storage Solutions, Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) was featured as a Top 5 on-premises SDS object storage solution among 18 vendors they reviewed.

Analyst Todd Dorsey highlights the drivers of this growing market, stating “A principal reason driving object storage’s adoption is the deluge of data growth,” he says. “IT departments must store, manage, and protect existing data, plus deal with new data coming into the organization. The largest segment of this data growth is unstructured data such as video, images, documents, emails, presentations, spreadsheets, and similar file types. For many organizations, terabytes of data under management have become petabytes and even exabytes.”

The report goes on to describe the distinguishing features that sets the Top 5 apart from the other evaluated solutions. A quality unstructured data platform extends beyond just storing data. In fact, one of the key characteristics used as criteria for DCIG’s analysis includes Robust Analytics and states, “DCIG TOP 5 Solutions deliver extensive analytic capabilities. Analytics give organizations insights into their data patterns and trends. These insights help IT decision-makers plan, budget, and optimize their object storage usage.”

Robust data intelligence and analytics capabilities have always been core to the platform, along with tightly integrated portfolio products such as Hitachi Content Intelligence.

Dorsey says, “Hitachi Vantara compliments HCP with a portfolio of optional software products that provides expanded data management, governance, analytics, collaboration, and file gateway capabilities.”

We believe the Hitachi Content Platform portfolio delivers a unique value to our customers by safeguarding their data, on-premises or in the cloud, and all while helping them realize the full potential of their data. Our portfolio offers a broad ecosystem of solutions, including comprehensive, intelligent data management that spans beyond object storage alone, thus truly unlocking the value of their data assets.

Learn from Experts and Trailblazers

In the weeks ahead, Hitachi Vantara will host a series of webinars featuring trailblazing partners, customers and industry analysts discussing experiences and best practices for deploying object storage as a competitive advantage for business intelligence.

About Hitachi Content Platform

Hitachi’s Content Portfolio (HCP) comprises leading unstructured data solutions that empower organizations to move beyond data collection and storage to taking action on digital insights. Since HCPs introduction to the object storage market in 2007, HCP has continued to innovate with over 180 worldwide active issued or pending patents for the portfolio.

For more information on Hitachi Vantara’s unstructured data solutions visit:

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Tanya Loughlin

Tanya Loughlin

Tanya leads product marketing for the Hitachi Content Platform portfolio, including object storage and related cloud storage gateway and more. She has +20 years' experience across various product marketing, voice-of-the-customer, and business development disciplines.